22 August 2012


Get ready for a hot-headed rant! Am I the only blogger who is becoming increasingly irritated by the current Blogger comment verification process that some of our fellow bloggers have left switched on? For me, apart from the time involved in typing out the characters I see on screen, I am mostly irritated by the fact that very often I can't even decipher the characters as they are presented. Invariably, I have to keep refreshing until I find a number and a mumbo jumbo word I can actually make out. Look at these examples:-
Many times I have tried to carefully type out the presented characters only to discover that what I thought was an "i" was actually a "u" shoved up against the next letter or what I thought was an "n" was actually an "m" in disguise. So you have to start all over again. Who came up with this particular verification idea anyway? Who ever it was needs shooting. I bet he or she is either French or Nick Clegg!

Besides, why do we need this kind of defence? What is Blogger trying to protect us from? After all, any psychopath or Frenchman can set up a secret Blogger account and make comments on our blogs so why have this stupid verification hurdle anyway? And if we must have verification, please make the "words" and numbers easily readable and recognisable. What are "owspirs", "recokmck", "oerpril" and "ndzedi"? Albanian swear words? Very hard "words" to copy down that's what they are. The previous verification process was easier to cope with.

So what's it all about Alfie? Can somebody enlighten me?


  1. I think it's to distinguish the human beings (reading with real eyes) from the automatic spammers who apparently lie in wait just outside the door, eager to make our lives miserable. So what we have done is we have traded one misery for another.

  2. But I love the thought of Albanian swear words.


  3. This is getting to be a habit, but I agree with you. The verification system is a pain.

    I know it's there to stop spam comments, but I wouldn't have thought it necessary unless that was becoming a real problem.

    I get them now and again, usually in a spurt of half a dozen or so, but for the time being I think it's easier for me to delete them than put visitors through the irritation of a verification system.

  4. Completely with you on this. Hate them and have to really like a blog and its owner to persevere with them.
    The blogs I visit most have removed them , thank goodness.

  5. I don't know if CAPTCHAs discourage spammers, but they certainly discourage me. I've stopped commenting on several blogs because the effort of getting through the verification and sign-in processes doesn't seem worthwhile. Most of my comments are not significant enough to warrant that much effort!

    Glad you aren't using them - and I hope others follow your lead.

  6. RHYMES WITH...Thanks for your explanation but I still don't understand....re. Albanian swear words, I bet Mrs B has fired a few at you over the years!
    SIR SHOOTING PARROTS We are thinking on the same wavelength once again. Ever see the musical "Blood Brothers"?
    HELEN We should make an online club for those of us who eschew the verification balderdash. I mean we're not talking about banking or online purchases are we?
    THREE LEGGED LOIS Nice to meet you again. I just went over to your blog but it kept flashing and wouldn't appear. Pleased you are also an anti-verification rebel.


  8. I tried removing the captchas from my blogs but quickly got inundated with spam so I put them back - though they frustrate me I don't mind perservering with them - what annoys me a bit is when blogs have both captchas AND moderated comments -- if you are moderating all comments you don't need captchas.

  9. EARL GRAY I am assuming you just caught sight of your face in a mirror!
    GERALD HYDE Thanks for dropping by this common blog. What's wrong with spam? Fry it or grill it and serve with buttered new potatoes and peas - Beautiful!

  10. I was under the impression it was all about stopping automated spam, and I've had it switched on since a bout of spam comments a couple of years ago. But this week I've had one charming (and lengthy) comment from 'Boycott American Women' and a couple in a Far Eastern script, so that's obviously not working. I'll be switching it off.

  11. I had to go check my settings, it never occurred to me that I might have a verification system on my own blog. I don't think I do, I couldn't find a setting for that. I did, however, check the box that says the blog isn't available for search engines or general public access. I guess I did that when I set it up. I don't have a lot of readers and that suits me fine. I've added some new readers over the years from other blogs and when I get comments from them it's like talking to friends. I like that. I can't read half of those verification words, either. Sometimes I try a couple of times and then just give up.

  12. It is a pain and I have, before now, stopped commenting on blogs which have it switched on.


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