12 August 2012


Sir Luke Campbell - another Yorkshire hero.
Arise Sir Luke Campbell! Olympic bantamweight boxing champion who outfoxed Irish opponent John Joe Nevin on the penultimate evening of the thirtieth Olympiad in London. Not only is Luke a tough and gritty Yorkshireman (like me!), he also hails from the East Riding and all the way along his journey to the top he has been proud to declare his fierce allegiance to the city of his birth - Kingston-Upon-Hull. Forget all those poncey middle class sports like rowing, modern pentathlon, shooting, sailing and dressage - boxing is of the streets and the council estates, often born of frustration and anger. It's a sport of the urban working class - controlled aggression. It's interesting to me that this evening's BBC Olympic coverage paid much more attention to poster boy diver Tom Daley's bronze medal achievement than they did to Luke Campbell's golden achievement in the boxing ring. Prejudice and bias can be so subtle. As I say - arise Sir Luke - yet another gold medal for the Republic of Yorkshire! At Rio in 2016 we should put out our own team!
Yes, even Yorkshiremen cry


  1. Aw. Lovely post. So are all you tough and gritty Yorkshiremen just marshmallow on the inside? I shan't be so scared of you from now on.

  2. Yorkshire is doing well isn't it? A large number of the Aussie medal holders come from Queensland too - we call it the Sunshine State. there is quite fierce competition between the Aussie states especially Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

  3. ok so firstly.... he's only crying because he's just seen his whippet on t'big screen..... secondly, if we DO put a team out, can we get away from those poncey head protectors and get back to boxing in woollen flat caps.... also as a test event, how about a spot of Olympic pigeon racing?

  4. Yes, pigeon events!!!! In addition to racing there should be other events. My pigeons can do synchronized bathing on a lawn under a sprinkler. They all lay on the same side, put up the same wing at the same time. That's about the only event people from Sloughhouse could enter that wouldn't involve tractors and dirt.

  5. KATHERINE But you should still be scared of me as I am a mad axeman!
    HELEN I guess Queensland feels a little resentment towards NSW and Victoria at times as most Aussie news and culture is probably syphoned through Sydney and Melbourne - same for us re. London.
    ARCTIC FOX How about lady blogger mud wrestling? Katherine versus Jenny from Wrexham and Jan Blawat versus Helsie in the semi-finals? They might need hosing down afterwards.
    JAN BLAWAT Forget the pigeons ma'am - you've been entered for the mud wrestling!


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