9 March 2013


The other evening Jon and I hoped to see "Flight" starring Denzil Washington at the local cinema but sadly it had just disappeared from the schedule so instead we went to see "21 and Over" which was one of the most abyssmal films I have ever seen. This American "frat-com" manufactured by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore of "Hangover" fame could be summed up in one word - "shallow". The plot was so thin and predictable that it was like tissue paper and I was annoyed by the amount of unnecessary swearing that pervaded this college town night-time drunken "adventure" in which central character Jeff Chang was forced to go out boozing on the night of his twenty first birthday - even though he had an important med school interview the following morning. 

The film had no redeeming features and I thought to myself that if I were a militant Islamist, this movie could be useful propaganda in highlighting all that is wrong with western - particularly American society. It was truly awful and it's such a crying shame that something like this ever saw the light of day when there are so many thousands of creative people out there who could produce much better filmscripts over breakfast. Please don't see it and advise anybody you know to shun "21 and Over". It's a disgrace.


  1. You might be surprised how many films there are like this that Islamists could choose from. Have you seen 'Kon Tiki' yet? I'm looking forward to it, the shorts looked good. (Well, not that they wore many on the original voyage, apparently). (Ha ha).

  2. C'mon YP, don't sit on the fence about this film, tell us what you really think...

  3. I shall book my tickets straight away. Not! (As I'm sure they say in this sort of film because it makes them sound witty)

  4. I don't watch stuff like that anyway, I'm busy viewing old Aussie and English programs (Doc Martin, McLeod's Daughters) on my computer through Netflix and Hulu. And, of course, we're all enthralled by Downton Abbey. So maybe American film companies are making trash like that specifically for foreign consumption.

  5. KATHERINE I didn't know they were making a film of "Kon Tiki". I will make a point of seeing it having lapped up Thor Heyerdahl's book. I have even seen the craft in its Oslo museum home.
    HIPPO Sorry my judgement was couched in such prevarication and understatement.
    SHOOTING PARROTS Hey dude you're so cool you're like a popsicle. Not!
    JAN BLAWAT I think "Downton Abbey" is also trashy and melodramatic. The thing about "21 and Over" is that I didn't laugh once and it's supposed to be a comedy!


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