29 March 2013


                                                                                                                    (c) Barney Wilczak

Over in Sri Lanka, the roaming dogs and monkeys aren't always fighting. Sometimes they make peace instead. Perhaps the humans who live amongst them - Sinhalese Buddhists, Hindu Tamils and Muslims could have avoided thirty years of bitterness and bloodshed if they had learnt much earlier that it is talking that ends conflict - not bullets or machetes, mobs or martial law. Yesterday a Buddhist mob burnt down a Muslim clothing warehouse in Colombo and a couple of weeks ago a similar mob protested vehemently about the sale of halal meat in Sri Lanka. If war breaks out again over the next two weeks - don't blame me or Shirley. We didn't start it.

I will try to blog again while I am over there but I am not taking my laptop so it will probably need to be from an internet cafe - assuming there are no warring monkeys or growling dogs on the premises. As they say in Italy - but not in Sri Lanka - ciao!


  1. I am always surprised to hear of violence from Buddhists as it is so at odds with their philosophy. Sadly, the human element always gets in the way in these situations!

  2. Obviously I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments of your post but couldn't help thinking the photo was of a vampire monkey...

  3. Buddhist MOB? I can't even imagine that. But then, I don't venture far from Sloughhouse. Be safe.

  4. I am pleased that the monkey and the dog are kissing (they are kissing, aren't they?) but I do not enjoy having the Full Monty of any species thrust into my field of vision.

    I use the verb "thrust" advisedly....

    Maybe the monkeys and the dogs ARE the "chow" in Sri Lanka.

  5. Ditto Hippo. (That's rather good, isn't it?)


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