15 March 2013


How the world has changed. Not always for the better. In this affectionately constructed clip, the author gives us a potted history of  late seventies-early eighties popular culture with special reference to the British collective experience.It makes you smile and it makes you think...


  1. Plenty there I could recognise ! Most of it seems like only yesterday I'm afraid. Oh dear !

  2. I am offically an old git!

    There were some abysmal things about that era but there were good things too that have been lost.

    Hell, I remember re-tuning the telly with a screwdriver at the back to see that new channel, BBC 2 ...

  3. Very clever video clip! Made me larf.

    By the late seventies I was in the Army already. All I remember of the early seventies was power cuts, queues for petrol, argumentative parents, platform shoes and Oxford Bags, Marc Bolan, the Likely Lads (in black and white), every meal with tinned vegetables, Bonetti the Cat, Peter Osgood, vimto, coal dust blackened countryside, Nazzy (Nazi) Bashing (with me on the receiving end), Sally Bent, domestic austerity measures, Northern soul and acne.

    Out of all that, only the Likely lads, Chelsea and Sally Bent are worth remembering and even Chelsea lost to Sunderland in the final.

    Do you still remember the very first TV programme you ever saw? I do. It was the Beatles singing their new song, She Loves You Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I also remember my Grandfather sitting me down in his study in Germany, putting on a record and asking me where the music was coming from. I noticed either side of his bookcase two large speakers. 'That one?' I ventured. 'No'. 'Ok, then it has to be that one' I said indicating the other. 'No' he replied looking really crestfallen. 'I can't tell Opa,' I protested, 'it sounds as though it is coming from everywhere!' I had no idea why this response delighted him so much. Of course, he was showing off his fist stereo gramophone.

  4. HELEN Since then I am sure that Australia has pulled further away from the motherland's culture.
    OWL WOOD I thought you would have got your handyman Purvis to deal with the retuning.
    HIPPO Lovely response sir. I am pleased that clip created ripples in your Teutonic grey matter. Regarding my first TV programme, I can't really remember but it could possibly have been "The Woodentops" that early family-based soap opera...or possibly "Andy Pandy" who was clearly a huge inspiration to Earl Gray of Trelawnyd.

  5. Michael fish the lying twat
    Now that's a cracking line

  6. Given the BBC are in the throes of Meu Culpa, is Muffin the Mule still legal?

  7. That was very enjoyable....and probably more relevant to my son than me........he was really into most of those things.

  8. My childhood just flashed before me.

  9. I don't 'remember' Darth Vader and 'Knight Rider'... but my kids do... that must make me an OLD 'old git'. Sigh.


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