6 December 2014


From Beverley, there's a road that strikes out westwards over The Yorkshire Wolds. You cross ancient commonland known as Beverley Westwood and soon you are in the "traffic calmed"village of Walkington with its duck pond and pretty houses. Then the road climbs towards a group of farms on top of the chalk wold at High Hunsley. Half a mile later and you see a panorama of The Vale of York - its broad acres stretching out like a carpet  About eighteen miles distant there's Britain's premier coal-fired power station at Drax. It pumps out plumes of steam and smoke that merge with the clouds. Above my picture of Drax from High Hunsley - snapped last Wednesday afternoon and below a picture of the same power station captured last April from the Barmby Barrage - across the River Ouse.


  1. Stunning photo YP. Plumes of steam and smoke alright! What a contrast between the two photos. Do you think we have found the global warming culprit ~ quick ring Al Gore.

    1. Thank you Carol. Al Gore is flying first class - thousands of miles - to yet another global warming conference. He's clocking up the miles okay.

  2. Your photographs have always been good but you are on a roll at the moment. I never thought Drax could be considered beautiful until now.

  3. I have driven over High Hunsley a thousand times Adrian but that was the best view I have ever had of Drax - mysteriously illuminated under the cloudbase. Thanks once more for your kind encouragement.

  4. The beauty of blogging...so much can be learned through blogging...geography, history...how others live; about their countries; their part of the world and its surrounds; their lives, their emotions, their likes and dislikes.

    'Tis all good! :)

  5. These are great pictures (hardly surprising, since you took them). I remember very well a train trip with Steve, from Barnsley to York, when he pointed this landmark out to me and I saw it for the first time.

  6. Every now and then a real gem makes it way into our cameras. The first photo was one of those occasions.


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