8 October 2015


Today, October 8th, is Great Britain's National Pottery Day.


Shards and bits of jugs
Primitive patterns cracked
And potters' fingerprints.
Still they lie
Secretly scattered
Beneath the sod
Like the whispered words of 
Some ancient god.

Countless pieces
By earth concealed
Archaeology unrevealed
Where ploughs followed hooves
Machinery moves
Over our land of memories.

From distant centuries
These fragments sing
Of life and death 
Of everything.

October 8th 2015

Photo copyright - Stoke-on-Trent Museum Archaeological Society 2014


  1. A story of Life....

  2. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Bless your heart, Lord Pudding. When you get to your age, the faculties go a bit don't they? A lovely (as always) piece of poetry about pottery and time passing, for National Poetry Day, written by a wonderful old crock.

    A very Happy Birthday, Neil.

    My love and best wishes to you, Elizabeth

    1. Hello Elizabeth. Thanks for dropping by and how kind of you to remember my birthday. Thank you. I hope that you and your family are well.

  3. Is it your birthday? Why didn't you say so?!

    Happy Birthday Mr Pudding!!!!!

    I hope you have a wonderful year, and many more to come! Best wishes from your friend across the pond!


    1. Thank you Jennifer. I don't know why but since I left childhood, I have never been one for celebrating my own birthdays. Other people's fine - but not my own.

  4. Somewhere I read about a large area on a floodplain in Brazil that was elevated with shards of pottery.

    1. And as my poem suggests, if we could travel back in time, each shard woul have a tale to tell about the potters and the people who used their wares.

  5. I didn't forget your birthday, Yorkie...I wasn't aware of it...but my best wishes go out to you for your birthday...and are no less important even if I'm running a little late bestowing them upon you.

    Everyone has the right to drag out their birthday celebrations, anyway! Happy Birthday! :)

    1. I accept your birthday wishes with good grace Lee. Thank you.

  6. Well, it's your birthday ? Hope you have a very pleasant day. Great poem !


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