25 October 2011


The sign on the building above is not as you might think an instruction, it is in fact a pub sign. Yes this is another Sheffield pub - situated in the outlying suburb of Oughtibridge. There are various stories about how, historically, the pub got its unusual name but mostly they are to do with a lascivious nineteenth century landlady called Nora Bone who had a novel way of getting outstanding bills settled. Apparently, the village lamplighter often heard her yelling those words from an upstairs room.

Nowadays the pub's name figures naturally in everyday conversation in Oughtibridge. Here are some overheard snippets:-
  • "I stopped off at The Cock for a quick one."
  • "The Cock was full to overflowing on Bank Holiday Monday!"
  • "She worked at The Cock for years!"
  • "Oh look! There's a seagull on top of The Cock!"
  • "Have you ever been round the back of The Cock?"
  • "The Cock needs a new cleaner"
What's in a name? This uncharacteristic post was written by my alter ego - the controversial and exceedingly vulgar Yorkshire comedian - Royston Vasey - otherwise known as Roy "Chubby" Brown:-


  1. Tsk, Tsk...but here in the U.S. at least two college football teams (South Carolina and Jacksonville State University) are called the Gamecocks (as in fighting roosters) and the stadiums (stadia?) are filled with cries of "Go, Cocks!".

    Context is everything...

  2. Question for you, how do you pronounce the first bit of Oughtibridge?

    Is is 'ought' as in "I ought to know better than ask what exactly Nora Bone did to get bills settled."?

    Or is it 'owt' as in "you never get owt for nowt in Yorkshire"?

  3. RHYMES Thank you for your reflections on cocks.
    SHOOTIE It's oot as in root. Regarding gas bills, Nora Bone paid by direct debit... very direct debit according to her meter reader.

  4. My Father's cousins used to own 'The Cock' in Barford, Norfolk. Made my sister and I titter when we were under 7, but I grew up. :-)


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