8 October 2011


Until a month or so ago, I had never even heard of The Pierces. Then my old friend Tony told me he'd like to come over to Sheffield to watch this unfamiliar band and would Shirley and I like to join him and Fiona? He even promised to send us a CD that would showcase the band's music. So last night we rolled back the years and went into The Leadmill - perhaps Sheffield's most famous live music venue. It hadn't changed. We had been there frequently in the early eighties.

The Pierces are essentially two American sisters and their backing musicians. Catherine is the younger sister and Allison is the older. They hail from Birmingham, Alabama and have apparently been knocking on the door of musical stardom for at least ten years. Their music is very polished. Some of the self-penned songs are uplifting and memorable - like "You'll Be Mine", "Glorious" and "Kissing You Goodbye". The best characteristic of their performance was the sisters' wonderful intertwining harmonies - honed since childhood and best exemplified in their haunting unaccompanied rendition of Paul Simon's "Kathy's Song" written in 1965:-

I hear the drizzle of the rain
Like a memory it falls
Soft and warm continuing
Tapping on my roof and walls.

And from the shelter of my mind
Through the window of my eyes
I gaze beyond the rain-drenched streets
To England where my heart lies.

Yes, "To England where my heart lies".

It was nice to be entertained. To forget the troubles of the world. To
enjoy live music again - just like I used to. Thank you to The Pierces
and good luck on the rest of your UK tour. Here's a taster:-


  1. I wish more people would support musicians when they perform in smaller venues. We go up to the foothills, to the Sutter Creek Theatre, at least twice a year. It only holds 120 people, and you can mingle with the musicians afterwards. It's so much fun. In addition to newer acts, you get to see older ones that no longer enjoy the popularity they once had, but are still terrific entertainers. Good for you for going, and thanks for the peek at the sisters. Never heard of them, but will watch for them.

  2. Thanks for that, YP. I really enjoyed listening. Just my type of music. I get the impression from my daughter that Sheffield is a good place to hear a large variety of less well known artists. (Almost makes me want to move over there!) ;)

  3. That was/is one of my favorite songs from Simon & Garfunkel.. I sang it to my daughter all though babyhood. Years later, it came on the radio and she asked if I sang that to her as a baby (I had never told her). How awesome it is to support local and indie musicians.

  4. Nice to see music can still reach you! I, of course, have gone straight to Youtube to find their version of Kathy's song, being one of my all-time-faves, and you're right - a wonderful gift.

  5. Very 1967. Good to know that psychodelia isn't dead!

  6. JAN I prefer intimate music - small venues. Corporate concerts in massive venues make the music more distant.
    JENNY I doubt that you'd pass the Sheffield citizenship test but you could give it a try.
    MS GEORGE Hearing it on Friday night sent a shiver along my spine. It took me back. I think that if Paul Simon himself heard their version he would be so pleased and proud.
    BRIAN I followed your example. Thanks for the idea.
    SHOOTING HIPPIES The video does seem rather retro. I am not sure why they picked that style. You almost expect Marc Bolan and the Incredible String Band to come dancing out of the trees.

  7. Kathy's song... A lovely rendition, just as you say. I much prefer it, I must say, to the hippy stuff in the 'You'll be Mine' clip.
    By the way, I could hear you whistling and cheering at the end YP in the Leadmill clip: http://youtu.be/NKOgY129n5Q

  8. KATHERINE (KATHY?) I didn't realise that Leadmill clips were already on YouTube. Thank you for guiding me there.


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