27 October 2011


As we all know, the world's population is increasing at an alarming rate. I came across an interesting tool on the BBC website that enables you to discover what position you came in the living human race on the day you were born.

For instance, on the day my father was born in August 1914 he became the 1,794, 229, 969th person on the planet. There were far less than two billion people on Earth at that time. I was born around forty years later but I was the 2,687,150,676th person - way past two and a half billion people then. In 1984 our son Ian came into the world and he became the 4,788,241,610th living person on the planet. You can see that in thirty years, the world's population had grown by a massive two billion.

Find out your position in the human race on the day you were born. I hope the link works - click on the crowd below to, hopefully, go to the BBC's calculator:-
Another thing I have found out is that when my dad was born 42 million people were living in Great Britain. When I was born there were 50 million and when our Ian was born there were 58 million. Now we are well on track for 70 million in the early 2020's. What I'd like to know is what is causing all these extra babies to be born? It's mystifying.


  1. Bloody hell YP that is so cool...
    Can we know your first name YP seems so teenage

  2. Ditto with the bloody hell! The really scary part is the graph.

    But with those people, you must remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else.

  3. EARL GRAY Although I wouldn't mind you knowing my real name, I have good reasons for blogging anonymously.
    SHOOTING P's Unique? So is every earthworm and woodlouse. Uniqueness is overrated in my humble opinion.

  4. I really have no desire to know my "position" in the overall scheme of human beings who populate planet earth. That I was here is enough.

    Every schoolboy past puberty knows
    what is causing all those babies to be born.

  5. I think you need to re-read my comment!

  6. P.S. - When I was born there were 131 million people in the U.S. and now there are 310 million. I did my part in raising the total.

  7. RHYMES WITH With such a large increase in the population of the USA, I am surprised that anyone had time left over to invent such vital things at the Barbie doll, the frisbee and the electric waffle maker. How did we live without them?
    SHOOTING PARROTS I have read your first comment several times but I still can't see why you'd object to my retort about uniqueness.

  8. I don't know about you, but in my own mind I'm #1. A true American!

  9. Obviously my observation on uniqueness wasn't quite as profound as I thought. But I was able to steal your idea for a post!

  10. I get it, SP! :)

  11. Wow - what a great site - I can while away lots of time checking out a whole lot of facts I really don't need to know!!
    Ms Soup

  12. I went, I clicked, I facebooked.


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