4 October 2011


Another blogger - who goes by the strange pseudonym - Shooting Parrots, keeps referring to me as "Yorkie". That's rather like a footman in Buckingham Palace calling the Duke of Edinburgh Phil. Anyway, I thought I would pause to focus on the name "Yorkie". Is Mr Parrots thinking of the chunky chocolate bar reputedly enjoyed by English lorry drivers:-
Don't you just love that strapline - "Not for Girls!" with the accompanying and somewhat politically incorrect warning logo. Or was Mr Parrots thinking about the Yorkshire Terrier breed of dogs - often familiary referred to as "Yorkies". Here's a young one:-
Awww! And here's another on his way to a fancy dress party:-
One of my private investigators tracked down the aforementioned Mr Parrots and spotted him wearing this T-shirt:-
This mug was seen in his kitchen window as Mrs Parrots turned the mangle in their wash-house:-


  1. Is Mr. Parrots thinking of the chunky chocolate bar reputedly enjoyed by English lorry drivers?

    It is clear to me that the answer depends entirely on whether you are (a) chunky, (b) chocolate, or (c) have ever been enjoyed by English lorry drivers...

    I love my Yorkie, too, and I don't even have one.

  2. anyone who dresses a dog up like that should be minced in a sausage machine

  3. I'd go for the terrier, I think. How are you at nipping people's ankles, YP?

  4. RHYMES WITH PORKY I'm sure that if you contact Mr Parrots he will happily supply you with an "I love my Yorkie" T-shirt.
    JOHN GRAY Oh don't be a spoilsport sir and get down the local animal fancy dress shop to adorn your critters.William would look lovely in a little tartan suit with a tam o' shanter on his curly bonce.
    JENNY Tell you what Jenny, I bet your Paddy would run a mile if approached by a growling Yorkshire terrier. They're a tough breed tha knows - top dogs in the canine pecking order...They do more than nip ankles, they savage flocks of sheep and terrorise communities.

  5. He probably would, YP but then he is a gentleman. :)

  6. I did toy with the idea of calling you 'Nil' in honour of your beloved Hull City, but thought 'Yorkie' was less likely to lead to a punch in the mouth.

  7. SHOOTING PARQUET Well you were wrong! What's yer postcode?


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