25 October 2011


On October 24th 1981, Shirley and I were married at St Martin's Church, Owston Ferry in Lincolnshire. Where those thirty years went I cannot say. That day was so very happy. A simple wedding in the countryside surrounded by our families and friends. Some of those dear people have left us but others have arrived - most notably our two wonderful children. Life goes on.

This evening we had a lovely meal in a new Thai restaurant on Ecclesall Road called "Patoo" but before our delicious platter of mixed starters arrived, I gave Shirley this necklace made from iridescent "black" pearls on our Pearl Anniversary. She wasn't expecting it but fortunately she was delighted with it and, though I say it myself, it suits her very well:-


  1. After my last post... (Resist...resist...)

    Congratulations. Here's to the next 30!

    We have managed paper, cloth and leather...

  2. What a hopeless romantic you are! I suppose Shirley is a lucky girl....

  3. Happy Anniversary ! Well done - 30 years. We stayers are becoming fewer and fewer these days. We are heading for 40 just after Christmas. I'm expecting a HUGE ruby!!! I'll send Tony to get some advice from you, you old romantic.

  4. Congratulations to both of you and long may you continue to be happy together. :)

  5. MR JONATHAN I wonder which merry wheeze you had up your sleeve this time? Mmmm! Have you and Denise really been hitched a full three years now? Wow! Mind you, a leather key fob has the attraction of being much cheaper than a string of pearls!
    RHYMES WITH Whaddya mean "suppose"? The girl hit the jackpot!
    HELEN A huge Ruby? You mean a plump Filipino housekeeper who will also massage Tony's aching back?
    JENNY Thank you.

  6. Ooooh many congratulations Mr and Mrs Pudding. Is Shirley from Lincolnshire then?

  7. STEVE OCCUPIED Yes she is so our children are of mixed race!

  8. Happy anniversary, Pudding and Shirley!

    Warm wishes from the House of Glee

  9. Happy 30th anniversary!


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