29 March 2006


Bathers at Asnieres
This huge canvas was completed by the French impressionist Georges Seurat in 1884. It currently hangs in the National Art Gallery in London. Its construction was painstaking. The composition is so well-balanced and the paint was applied minute blob by minute blob - a technique called pointillism, giving the painting a strange opaque/statuesque quality. This is enhanced by the palely marbled skin colour of the scene's main actors. In the distance, ninetenth century industry provides a discordant background to the still and leisurely peacefulness of the foreground. In some ways this art is about the ordinariness of human life and how we may be close to each other yet wholly unable to connect. I love this painting. I first saw it at the age of sixteen when I hitched down to London to see a free concert in Hyde Park - I wonder what happened to Grand Funk Railroad?

Seurat was only thirty one when he died of diptheria. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank him for his artistic legacy. Have you got a painting you love?


  1. It's hard to believe I'm older than Seurat when he died. I remember "studying" his paintings in art class in third grade. I do a lot of elementary pointilism in my Photoshopping... not that the photos I post are altered in any way, of course.

    When I was in grad school in Washington D.C., there was an exhibit of Vermeer paintings on tour. I stood in line for two hours in the snow (during a pause in the Blizzard of '98), and was frozen from top to toe by the time it was my turn to see the paintings. I don't know if it was the cold or what, but my senses were particularly heightened that day. The light in Vermeer's paintings dazzled my eyes. It was then that I truly realized that a photographic copy of a painting is only a "bookmark" in the mind. I had been going to museums for years (I grew up outside of Washington, D.C., where the museums are free), but it was Vermeer changed my eyes.

    One of my favorite paintings: Woman With a Waterjug.

  2. Grand Funk Railroad are touring such illustrious venues as the Executive Inn Showroom - Owensboro, Davis & Elkins College - Elkins and the Custom Car & Chopper Festival - El Paso.

    They also have a greatest hits cd for sale, a new beany cap and some button badges, all at......


    As for art, I don't know a lot but I know what I like, Geiger, Neil Simone (who lives nr York), and Bosch.

  3. I would love to see that painting in person.

    I do have a painting I love. It's by this fellow Liang studio

    He has many others aside from the ones pictured there in his studio. He is one of those artists who pays such attention to detail that the objects in his paintings are almost touchable.

    I also enjoy Erte's bronze work.

  4. Is there any more news on the Warthog?

  5. I love Seurat, and Vermeer. I was greatly disappointed when I coudln't get to DC to see the exhibition.
    I did however get to see Monet's exhibition in New Orleans. My kids and I stood in the rain for 5 hours to get in the door. But it was worth it.
    I also got to see Andrew Wyeth's exhibition in New Orleans. I actually have several prints (cheap prints) by Wyeth and his father NC Weyth. I would like one by Jamie so I could have my Wyeth wall

    My favorite period I suppose though is the baroque. I love Caravaggio, however I guess I really don't have favorites. I loved teaching Roman period, they were such builders.

  6. by the way I liked GFR too. They did one of my fav o rite songs of allll tieeem.

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