24 March 2006


This is a general warning to the inhabitants of Blogworld concerning identity theft. Unwittingly, I have been the innocent victim of two cunningly fraudulent assaults upon my character. In the latest fraud, a redneck hussy from North Carolina, sometimes known as Amy Carol, otherwise Mrs Friday's Web, has attempted to mock me by superimposing my head on a "Fantasy Island" promotional picture from the nineteen seventies. I wish to state categorically and emphatically that at no stage in my life have I ever appeared on a TV programme with a French midget called Tattoo. The idea of me befriending anybody from France is utterly ridiculous. If I had the technical skill to do it, I would superimpose Ms Amy Carol's head on the body of Roseanne Barr and we'd see how she'd like that! A previous fraud involved a simian beast from Seattle who plonked a chef's hat on my head in order to amuse the blog-surfing public. This was most distressing. See below, the original "Fantasy Island" picture alongside the cunning handiwork of the North Carolina sex education specialist:-
Link to
- the ocean going orgy -
- notion spawned
by the said Amy Carol


  1. Ho ho! You liked the chef's hat, admit it.

    I am dancing all over your blog, doing jigs and leaving muddy gorilla footprints everywhere. I am unstoppable! You are as much an "innocent victim" as I am Brad Pitt.

    P.S. Ginger biscuits! I crave ginger biscuits.

  2. Yea but .... You look mahavelous!!!

    Wrong latin star?

  3. *following gorilla tracks* ~~ Oh~~ I'm here!
    Darlin Yorkie~~ has it occured to you that the lovely Ms Amy Carol could have superimposed your head on the person of short stature?

  4. Oo err Kelly - me as a French midget! That is the stuff of nightmares! But if Amy Carol did it, I'd put her head on the body of Barbara Bush!

  5. Great post, and by the way, thank you too for listing me. Whoever came up with the idea of a French midget named Tatoo should be sent to detention!


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