8 March 2006


History Cover

Mr Hart's away
I presume heart trouble
Year Eight History
In stuffy Room W8
With its perplexing perspex windows
Ghosts of ancient graffiti
Casting shadows on mottled brown
And crisscrossed prison security grilles
Keeping "them" out or keeping "us" in.
The boys beaver away like beavers
What was farming like in 1750?
They copy the photostat picture
Field B (Barley)
Field C (Fallow)
And the tiny cows
That graze
On the common land.
They can identify with that.
I try to write a poem
About a lost hour
In a lost classroom
The dullness of these moments
The aching emptiness
That will sometimes
Masquerade as education
Then by the overflowing bin
I spot an ancient banana
Mouldering blackly on a central heating pipe
And suddenly I feel I'm not alone.
It's true what they say about
History informing the present.


  1. Thanks for the flowers, Yorkshire Pudding! They're lovely. I'm a bit confused though. You said I was "prunish." While I sometimes get a bit wrinkly after being in the tub, generally I am in no way prunish. Prunes are sweet, however-- perhaps you were saying that I was sweet? If so, thank you very much! You're prunish, too.

  2. My favorite part was the part about the banana. What's this about prunes? My Landlady IS prunish, or will be someday, which amounts to about the same thing.

  3. Hi, it's me again! I just thought I'd let you know that my daughter is fascinated by the picture of you next to Brad, both wearing chefs hats.

  4. Alkelda, I said "PRUDISH" not "prunish"! Don't they teach you how to read properly in Washington State? Are you all too busy chopping down trees? Regarding your daughter's sense of humour - I think she needs to see an analyst! That crazy gorilla is deranging her!

  5. Oh, sorry, I didn't read that properly... broodish. Yes, I guess I am prone to brooding. It's in my nature. I'm surprised that you didn't notice it before, but sometimes I can put a cheery facade on things when I need to get through the day. And here I thought you were giving me a compliment by calling me "prunish" (i.e. sweet). Silly me.

  6. Oh you goofy man.. Those cherry trees are in Washington DC!!!!

    Was it a ghost?

    Did you know that bananas are wonderful for rose bushes...

    Well now you know!

  7. History - the class many teens slept through, then regretted later in life. When we try to help our own teens answer history questions that they don't know because they slept in history class, too.

    Eloquent words, dude. I like.

  8. Aahhh well see I read it wrong.. I put things in sometimes that aren't there and sometimes leave things out that are. I saw Cherry trees... I was thinking Washington chopping down the cherry trees and Washington DC is famous for the cherry trees and puff was a magic dragon..:)


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