10 March 2006


Fame at last! Wasn't it Andy Warhol who prophecised that one day we'd all be famous for fifteen minutes? Well this is my moment in the sun. Wearing my dashing chef's hat, I now feature in the Seattle-based blog known as "Brad the Gorilla" in the exciting new section titled "Cooking with Bradley".

Clutching a bucket of live eels, I was flown first class to west coast America. The odour from the bucket did not go down too well with the haughty American Airlines cabin staff (i.e. waitresses) nor the transatlantic business travellers watching our inflight movie - "Sponge Bob Squarepants". Once in Seattle, I grasped the enormous paw of the famous gorilla. He squeezed so hard my knuckles cracked.

Then we went to his luxury apartment with its state-of-the-art kitchen - the very core of Bradley Enterprises business empire where we followed my mother's ancient recipe for jellied eels. To test the dish, we called in Bradley's landlady and landlord and their cute little daughter. "What's that daddy?" she said.
"Honey, it's like a snake that lives in the sea and up rivers," said Mr Tony Dowler, the landlord in his westcoast drawl.
"Yummy!" said the sweet child as she tucked into a huge plateful of the squirming fishy stuff.
To be truthful, during the cooking process, Brad the Gorilla simply acted as my sous-chef. Being a jungle munching vegetarian, he really had no idea about cooking eels.


  1. Everything in this post is absolutely true.

  2. I believe every word !

    I've just blogged YP about your splendid Song For Yorkshire which I found in the comments section of Yorkshire Soul's blog.

    Stirring stuff. You should be congratulated and I would like to join the campaign.

  3. Anonymous1:55 am

    I've never met a real celebrity before! May I have your autograph? :D

  4. Yes, yes! We all must have your autograph. Would you sign Brad's chef's hat, just below where he autographed it for me?

  5. I am very amused to hear that you think I have a "west coast drawl".


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