20 March 2006


And the winner of the Bush/Blair caption competition is (drumroll) Mr. B. Gorilla of Gasworks Avenue, Seattle USA with his last minute entry. Mr. B. Gorilla wins the two masks pictured below which will be freighted to him by express airpost. The masks may be worn at a range of social occasions such as funerals and job interviews:-

And here's Mr B. Gorilla's witty entry:-
US president George W. Bush giggles over a gorilla joke he remembered just as UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and others watch a banana cream pie sail through the air toward the unsuspecting Free World Leader (banana cream pie not pictured).
The Yorkshire Pudding Corporation would like to thank everybody who took part in this competition - we were overwhelmed by the response!
Left: A delighted Mr B. Gorilla poses for the camera after learning of his competition victory.
STOP PRESS: Second prize - just to stop her sulking and foot stomping - goes to Alkelda the Gleeful for her mildly amusing caption - see March 17th entry. Alkelda wins a Northwest Pacific clam - the geoduck clam which, as everybody knows, is America's largest edible clam. This clam will be delivered personally by the Yorkshire Pudding Corporation's Herman Winklepicker (pictured right). He will arrive in the early hours of the morning in a battered Ford SUV with a bumper sticker that reads somewhat ominously, "Ah'm Fer Dubya."


  1. Exellent.. I was trying to think of something witty, but.. alas... it escaped me.

  2. What a shocker! Truly, I did not expect that the wily gorilla would slip in at the last moment and steal the contest. I suspect a bit of assistance on the part of the judges, but I cannot prove it. Still, a hunch is a hunch. All I can say is that if Brad the Gorilla attempts to wear those masks around my house, he gets to eat dinner in the tool shed.

  3. A hunch is a hunch? Hardly a politically correct remark from a bookish lady who is surely aware of Victor Hugo's seminal tale.
    Tool shed? In the UK, the term tool can have a lewd alternative meaning! The YP Corporation wishes to inform the aforementioned "Alkelda the Gleeful" that no malpractice occurred in the judging process and her disgraceful innuendo is most fiercely resented! Grrrrrrr!

  4. YP,
    When I read your comment, my first thought was, "I don't remember Javert pursuing Jean Valjean on a hunch..." and then I got it. My head-cold is making me a bit thick. And yes, I am entirely aware of the alternative meaning of "tool." :) It's one of my favorite insults (usually directed at SUVs cutting me off). Of course, I have REALLY tried to clean up my language since Lucia was born, as she is wont to repeat what I say.

    I did notice, YP, that you changed the Gorilla's caption from "elephant joke" to "gorilla joke," thereby tipping the contest in his favor.*

    *Back in the heyday of my throbbing love for Duran Duran, I did indeed spell favor with a "u." One of my teachers deftly got me to stop it by saying that she didn't mind my British-English spellings, but American publishers might.

  5. I take back all my foot-stomping, if only you will take back the geoduck. I tasted geoduck for the first time last summer, and was not impressed. Besides, a geoduck the size that the man is holding up is much too expensive and the price wouldn't be worth it. I'll take a lowly little meat pie over a geoduck dinner any day.

  6. My God! I think that clam's happy to see him!

  7. Here is a link to the "Geoduck Song," which of course comes through one of my blog entries, shameless promoter that I am.

  8. Anonymous7:15 pm

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