11 May 2006


How gorgeous is the English language... a language that has unashamedly absorbed words from around the world and continues to grow day by day. This evening, these are my "favourite" words in alphabetical form but on another day different words might well have surfaced. To be truthful, I am slightly amazed that these varied words are just there sitting somewhere in my brain always waiting to be used:-

A is for arabesque and artichokes
B is for bumptious and bibliophile
C is for codswallop and clandestine
D is for dumplings and deliquescence
E is for ease and elongated
F is for fraternal and filigree
G is for grandiose and gargantuan
H is for heinous and harass
I is for indigo and idealism
J is for juxtaposition and jurisprudence
K is for kindling and kindness
L is for luscious and languorous
M is for marshmallow and mellifluous
N is for nincompoop and nerd
O is for ordure and onomatopoeia
P is for propinquity and pyjamas
Q is for quietness and quiver
R is for rambling and rhapsody
S is for sensuality and sarsaparilla
T is for titillation and trinkets
U is for undulation and usurer
V is for vixen and vivacious
W is for wonder and wisteria
X is for xenophobia and Xanadu
Y is for yak and yearning
Z is for zoological and zipcode

"vivacious vixen" after Google Image Search. Wonder what her favourite word is?


  1. H is for heinous and harass this particular part reminded me of your post about the little shit from your school. I certainly hope that has all passed. I enjoyed your words. Now I have to go look some of them up! I need the mental stimulation, actually. This is good for me (especially when my kids ask me what a word means and I don't know!)

  2. G is for gratuitous glamour GIFF

  3. I don't think I've ever appreciated the English language as much as I did when I was overseas. I lived for three months in Cote d'Ivoire, and my French was mediocre at best. One of the missionaries in Yamoussoukro, the town where I was doing my service project had shelves of books in English, and I immediately gravitated toward the complete works of Shakespeare. I had always loved Shakespeare, but I really devoured the plays during my time in Yamoussoukro!

    Some of my favorite words:
    apt, stone, tact, vim, glean, gall, sleek, queen, toad

  4. The Vivacious Vixen's favorite words are "acquittal" and "prima facie." She is working her way through law school. Her distain for the meat market is overwhelmingly apparent, but law school is expensive, and a person does what she sees fit to do in order to pay the bills. Go, Vivacious Vixen!

  5. Alkelda - in your dreams! She's probably trailer trash from darkest West Virginia making best use of her physical assets while she's still got them - favourite words BUCKS and VODKA

  6. Vodka is right at the top of my alphetical list..well, I never was any good at english

  7. I think you've got the basis of one of those meme thingies (or should that be 'Me, me, me!') Think I'll give it a go.

  8. I finally finished my alphabet posting!


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