26 May 2006


The British Department of Transport has just issued a special package of warnings regarding poor, stupid and dangerous drivers. From now on, drivers who are deemed to be unsatisfactory must display a small while plastic flag with a red cross in the middle. This must be affixed to a side window with a short white plastic arm. Drivers who are downright dangerous and exceedingly stupid must display two of these flags - one on each side of the car. There are further display categories for other stupid drivers. For example, very dumb parents now have to display "Baby on Board" window stickers while intellectually challenged dog owning rubbish drivers must display yellow window stickers that read "A dog is for life, not just for Christmas".
To non-footballing nations, the flag reference concerns the forthcoming World Cup. Every fifth car in England is now festooned with plastic flags of St George. Doh? Who did we think you'd be supporting in the middle of England - Argentina? Trinidad and Tobago? Get real you idiots!
Any suggestions as to which American
drivers should be obliged to display
their national flag in a similar manner?
Bush supporters? You wouldn't
see many star spangled banners then!


  1. Round here in Texas, the state flag is displayed more probably than the National flag.
    We are a fairly independent state.
    But you dasent say anything against his majesty here.
    So I just keep my mouth shut.

  2. I confess I find it quite colourful to see all these flags fluttering above cars and my local pub has a all the colours of the world cup finalist above the bar. It just lends an air of festival to everyday life and helps those of us who do forget what country we live in!

    As for those child on board/showdogs in transit stickers, I am offended as the implication is I would have driven right into the back of them had not that sign been displayed. I do though give a little extra room to large camouflage lorries around the catterick garrison area with '155mm artillery shells in transit' bumber stickers

  3. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Had to laugh... YS has 2!


  4. And proud of it, poor old YP's just being a bit baa humbug.

  5. Anonymous1:24 pm

    I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.


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