24 May 2006


Recently rediscovered in a remote valley in the Balkan state of Verifica is this strange creature known as the Feliguin - or the Xqjjsqx in Verification. The Feliguin is a throwback to prehistoric times when it is said that the beaches of Albania and Montenegro were carpetted with these miaowing rock-hopping creatures. This particular Feliguin has been christened Cliff. He was found trapped in a reed pen intended for baby goats:-

Goatherd Mr Ffrchk Dqjurt said, "I had just returned from a morning's strenuous goatherding. My wife Bkbtch had been instructed to weave a new pen the day before. I was going to inspect it when I heard a strange miaowing sound and a scrabbling of little flippers and there he was - the first feliguin I have ever seen, his left wing caught in the reeds. I decided to keep him as a family pet and Bkbtch named him Cliff after the English pop star Cliff Richard who passed through Verifica many years ago during the making of the musical film - "Summer Holiday"."
Leading zoologist, Professor Qwrsttij Vuvtyqw at the University of Verifica said, "He's a cute little chap isn't he?"


  1. Oh my. As I'm a txhqvlm animal lover, I would just have to own one of those ctsyji little feliguins. I'm afraid Mr. Friday would toss me out on my f8g4y, though. *sigh* The Verificans have so much more fun.

  2. I was just thinking that I'd never seen David Attenborough and Yorkshire pudding in the same room and now I know they are one and the same, haha you are unmasked Davy boy! I think that if your students get their grounding in geography from your blog YP and astute political analysis from me then they will truly get the best education a 38% of GDP tax burden can buy!

    I can't help imagining the three dimensional model of Verifica that is taking shape in your kitchen like in the scene in Close Encounters where Richard Dreyfus reconstructs the mountain where the aliens will land. And I am beginning to consider going to one of these verifican timeshare holiday home sales presentations at Scotch Corner Hotel to find a place by the sea for my retirement there.

    we're all going on a summer holiday, no more multiple attempts to get the word verification code right for a week or two...

  3. CLIFF _ Like a feliguin - you really have flipped this time! You damned xfrtckz!
    WOMAN FRIDAY - Whaddya mean "toss me out"? You're right though - Verificans do have lots of fun sitting on rocks watching their goats or weaving supple reeds together in the setting Balkan sun and singing songs of yesteryear such as "Sxzzrqvu klop jjuqrtup" ("Where the hell is North Carolina?")

  4. I just think it's very curious that his wife's name starts with b and ends with a ch... hum.... curious.

    But a cute little guy he is. but how does he use the ti2hcW h9a?

  5. Is the feliquin possibly a distant relative of the gryphon?

  6. Mr Y.P. sir,

    I wanted to tell you I have moved my blog of choice. Please do come calling.

  7. Anonymous1:24 pm

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