11 December 2008


Ladies and gentlemen, friends and fellow bloggers... We are gathered here this evening, at the end of this eventful year, at the luxurious Pudding Towers to bestow the inaugural Yorkshire Pudding "Laughing Horse" Blog Awards upon very deserving recipients.... Excuse me... Ahem! Mr Clewley! MR CLEWLEY! (Aside - I knew we should have never arranged a free bar) Winning an award entitles the lucky blogger to embed a "Laughing Horse" widget within his or her blog. This designer widget was specially crafted by a crack design team based in Grimethorpe between Rotherham and Sheffield - close to the Blackburn Meadows Sewage Treatment Plant.

Laughing Horse Wordsmith of the Year
Drum roll.... This goes to Daphne at "My Dad's a Communist" whose wit and evocative use of English is legendary.
Laughing Horse Blog Design of the Year
Trumpets.... This goes to Steve ArtyFarty for "Occupied Country". Some smashing original photos Steve!
Laughing Horse Cynical Bystander Award
This goes to none other than Richmond's own Arthur Clewley with his homely Dales diary. He makes Victor Meldrew look like Charlie Chaplin!
Laughing Horse American Blog
Ta-dah! We have joint winners this year. From the west coast Ms Farida Dowler for her family and storytelling blog "Saints and Spinners", from Georgia Mr "Rhymes With Plague" for some fascinating slants on life and from Ohio, Sam the king of "The Golden Hill".
Laughing Horse - Best New Zealand Blog. Not much competition so it has to be joint winners - David for the occasionally lonesome but musical "Arcane Enigma" and Katherine for her colourful, artistic and varied "The Last Visible Dog".
Laughing Horse Welsh Blog of the Year
Yes it has to be.... the lovely Jenny with her readable and friendly "Demob Happy Teacher".
Yorkshire Blog of the Year
Should of course go to Mr Y.Pudding of Pudding Towers but as I am not allowed to win an award on my home patch, reluctantly I bestow this award on the six foot skinhead from 'Uddersfield - "The Arctic Fox".
Canadian Blogger of the Year
Dawn at "Far Far Away" - in other words "The Retarded Rugrat"
Northamptonshire Blogger of the Year
JJ (Griselda) at "All Cobblers" - you never know what you're gonna get!
Laughing Horse Sleeping Blogs I Miss Awards
Go to me old mucker "Brad the Gorilla", "Friday's Web" (N. Carolina) and "Shooting Parrots" (Manchester)
Laughing Horse Environmental Award
Goes to "Mopsa" for sensitive improvement of her Devonshire farm buildings.
Laughing Horse Northumberland Blogger Award
Naturally goes to Hadriana at "Hadriana's Treasures"
Laughing Horse Anyone Can Have an Award for £20 Award
These go to any bloggers out there who I have foolishly overlooked (such as Reidski and The Three Legged Cat) or those who simply want one! Cheque or credit card will do.

Right everybody! That's the official part of the evening over, now let's party like it's 1999! Yo! Free bar! Gerroff them sausage rolls Clewley! And here's to blogging through 2009. What better way to avoid the bloody credit crunch!


  1. Ooh er, by 'eck, thanks very muchly Mr Pudding, much appreciated (Trying to be witty and evocative. Failing. But grateful for the award!)

  2. Gosh, I shall absolutely treasure it! Thanks awfully YP.

  3. Oh wow! Thanks YP yer honour, sir, guv, boss. I'm totally overwhelmed and lost for words, as you can see. (Of course, you knew you had to include me or I would have given you such a hard time. ;))

  4. Anonymous11:00 am

    you mean you don't have an award for best australian one, not good yp.

  5. Craig - command of the capital letter is vital if nomination for these prestigious awards is to be accepted. Sorry old chap. Must be something to do with your penal ancestry.

  6. I would like to thank my parents, without whom I would not have been possible. Also my children for constantantly providing inspiration to this humble aspiring blogger. I have to thank all my fellow bloggers for their support and blog love. Thanks also to Reidski. What would I do for sex without him? (and no - please don't answer that!) And of course, huge thanks to Mr Yorkshire Pudding himself for bestowing upon me this prestigious award.

    I love you all!

    (Though I only shag the one of you!)

  7. It is a pleasure and an honour to stand here in Pudding Towers tonight, even though it is alarmingly close to the Blackburn Meadows Sewage Treatment Plant.

    I accept this awesome, though shared, Laughing Horse American Blog award in the name of all bloggers everywhere who toil daily over their hot keyboards without hope of achieving anything other than emptying their brains of all the accumulated debris and making the ugly voices in their heads go away. Thanks to Mr. Yorkshire Pudding himself, my brain will now be filled for some time with this image of a laughing horse.

    I can only hope it is laughing with me and not at me.

    God save the Queen, or at least Prince William.

  8. Neiiigghhhhhhh! I will whinny about a bit, clop along and generally horse about, now that it's official. Ta YP and happy thing.

  9. Yer gettin no bloody twenty quid from me, mate!

    Maybe 19, though!

  10. I might have to do my acceptance speech by video link YP, Mrs Clewley hasn't ironed me ballgown so that's another f***g awards ceremony she's made me miss, although all the others I missed by her unplugging my computer to do the hoovering when I was doing the blog so I never got the award for the pulitzer grade material I would have written is she hadn't stopped me

  11. Uncannily, your splendid award looks almost exactly like the dismal old hag who works in the Post Office at the top of my road. Except your award looks much more cheerful.

  12. Is it too late to say thankyou ??
    Much appreciated Mr Pudding sir.

  13. Wow, I am really behind on my reading. Thank you for the award, YP, I am honored and befuddled!


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