18 November 2011


"They fly with a swallow's swiftness
And fight with an eagle's heart..."

Visited for the very first time today in Norton-on-Derwent - in the very heart of Yorkshire - the grave of the grandparents I never met. They died in my birth year. My grandfather - Philip - died only a month before I was born. But before they were interred, their youngest son - an uncle I also never met - was buried here - Uncle Jack. He was only twenty three, a radio operator in the RAF. He died seventy one years ago aboard a Blenheim bomber that plunged to earth in Essex, two hundred and fifty miles from home. Jack, Margaret and Philip - I wish you sweet dreams and if there were a God, I'd say God bless!


  1. Always an emotional moment when you visit the burial place of your forebears. Somehow you feel a little closer to them.

  2. JENNY........ That's true.
    RHYMES WITH That's untrue.(but hey - whatever gets you through the night)

  3. And still, young men die far from home. How many deaths will it take till we all know that too many young men and women have died? RIP


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