18 November 2011


Bloggers who will soon join the first wave of emigration to Blogland must appreciate that they will enjoy a lovely tropical climate soothed by sea breezes. Personally, I will be having no travel vaccinations at all. I am of the view that there's more to life than guarding against every possible danger that might come our way. However, I do appreciate that some bloggers will wish to comply with travel health advice. Click on Kylie the Blogland chicken below to access that advice but please remember that though mainland Burma suffers from the detrimental effects of mosquitoes, in Blogland there are absolutely no mosquitoes so any conditions related to mosquitoes such as malaria and Japanese encephalitis should be overlooked.
Meanwhile, you will be pleased to learn that construction work is proceeding nicely. The palm trunk frame of the meeting house is already up and brush has been cleared from all of the thirty four residential sites that have been earmarked for building. A floating jetty now reaches out into Keith Bay - rather like the one below that I spotted on the island of Koh Rang in eastern Thailand:-
Residents in waiting will be glad to know that yesterday evening I personally phoned Johnny Depp to tell him he's not wanted. His response was so foul-mouthed that I had to put the phone down but not before I had yelled back at him - "You're just a big spoilt kid and your films are crap too!" Apparently, a few other well-known celebrities have made enquiries about Blogland residency but most of them don't even blog! A few unreserved residential plots still remain so if you're interested please apply through Visitor Comments below.


  1. All well and good, YP but you haven't yet assured me that there will be no spiders there. I'd rather put up with Johnny Depp than spiders.

  2. JENNY I cannot hide the fact that there will be some spiders in Blogland - mostly deep in the jungle - but none will enter your property as the wooden structure will be treated with spider inhibitor spray developed by the Arachnokill Laboratories in Glossop, Derbyshire.

  3. Hope you don't put your big pudding foot on a sea enenema on the Blogland jetty!

    Yours from Khao Yai and our 80 sons.

  4. And do I get to sue you if they do?

  5. So, if there are no mosquitoes at all, is it possible that I could request that their be no harmful UV rays reaching our paradise? That would be splendid! No money would have to be spent on preventive protection from the sun. I am all packed and ready to go. My suitcase is filled with seed packets, flip-flops and my garden hats.
    What else does a girl need in paradise, eh?

  6. Okay, before I pack my sarong, here is my yes/no list...........
    NO to creepy crawlies, celebrities, travel jabs, smokers, money and litter.
    YES to Wifi, GP on site, privacy, a meeting place for the occasional get together, fresh water and fruit, cashmere throw for the evening, peace and harmony.
    What have I missed out?

  7. MR BOOTH So yer in the Khao Yai Penitentiary now? Serves you right for flagrant motorbike abuse down Hua Hin way!
    JENNY Yes. You have my word.
    MOUNTAIN THYME There will be UV rays. We can't stop them but your personal houseboy - Buff will always be on hand to apply natural sun protection and later - soothing after sun oils. What else do you need to bring? Stories from your life, a big heart and a ukelele so that you can accompany campfire songs down on the beach.
    LIBBY All of your demands will be met. You seem as passionately anti-litter as I am so I wonder if you would consider being the Head of Blogland's anti-litter service? This would involve educating offenders and organising beach patrols to gather any litter washed up by ocean waves. You're looking at perhaps six hours work a week. You will be paid in pineapples, bananas and drinking coconuts.


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