14 November 2011


When we the founding fathers and mothers of Blogland, set out like those pilgrims aboard "The Mayflower" to create our new nation, there are many things about Sheffield and its surrounding countryside that I confess I shall miss. Like the Ox Stones on nearby Burbage Moor:-
And the view northwards from Brown Edge where in previous centuries they quarried thousands of gritstone roofing slates, long before thin slates began to be imported from the mines of North Wales:-
And the isolated high reservoir above Redmires, near Oaking Clough Plantation where the curlew calls under cirrus skies:-
Yes indeed, I shall miss many things and I am sure that other pioneers will be able to make their own goodbye lists but what is life for if not for adventure and to seek something finer than we have known? Blogland waits for us, its palm-fringed shoreline reflected in a glistening turquoise sea. Where butterflies dance between hibiscus blooms and mysterious pathways lead us under vines into the very heart of the jungle. It is not too late to join us.


  1. As I walk towards the new world (waving my pink flag) I will look back at the old , and will mourn auntie Gladstone scones

  2. Most of what I care about is portable, but I shall miss the dirt that's been under our family's feet for six generations. Well, and over the top of most of them. But it's just dirt. John, bring your Auntie G's recipe, maybe we can figure out how to make good scones.

  3. If I have to leave Yorkshire behind, I'm not going!

  4. I shall miss the crisp fall air, the golden leaves, the steamy frost, the bobbing for apples.

    I shall miss the chill of midwinter, the pristine snow, the sturdy evergreens, the warmth of the fire.

    I shall miss the dazzling pink azaleas, the delicate blossoming of the dogwoods, the profusion of the daffodils.

    But I shall have eternal summer, clear lagoons, the stretching palm fronds. And what's-her-name. Mustn't forget old what's-her-name.

    I wonder, will it be enough? Will constant paradise be all it's cracked up to be?

  5. EARL GRAY You have much to look forward to as Blogland's Minister of Poultry and your former Welsh community will follow your new adventures with a mixture of envy and glee.
    JAN B Why not bring a bucket full of Sloughhouse dirt? You could grow a pumpkin plant beside your ocean view verandah. The climate, healthy diet and clear salt water will probably make your podiatric issues disappear.
    MORNING AJ Like me, you will always find Yorkshire in your heart and together you and I can watch DVDs issued by the Yorkshire Tourist Board before snorkelling above the reef and playing naturist rounders with other citizens of Blogland.
    RHYMES WITH NOSTALGIA Go forth like the founders of America did. Embrace what is new and cherish your memories of what once was. Be not afraid my son. At first, I shall visit you every day for intellectual discourse and, with soothing coconut oil, Ratcha will massage your aching limbs. I assure you, you will not regret this decision.

  6. What with naturist rounders (is that what I think it is?) and frequent coconut oil massages, I shall have no time whatsoever for intellectual discourse.


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