25 November 2011


Any infant nation needs to quickly define its identity. Blogland already has its own distinctive flag and yesterday afternoon the Executive met to decide upon a national anthem. We hit upon "Island of Dreams" which was a hit for The Springfields in 1963. You may have heard of their famous girl singer - Dusty Springfield - otherwise known as Mary O'Brien.

Our happy anthem will be sung at formal gatherings in Blogland. I suspect that the first line will have special resonance for Welsh poultry farmers. To remind yourself of how it goes, please click on the YouTube clip and sing along with Dusty. Soon you'll be singing it round a campfire on the beach as moonlight sparkles upon silvered Andaman waves where Thuza's fishing boat will glide like a shadow puppet to the bobbing jetty in Keith Bay.

I wandered the streets and the gay crowded places

Trying to forget you but somehow it seems
My thoughts ever stray to our last sweet embraces
Over the sea on the Island of Dreams

High in the sky is the bird on the wing
Please carry me with you
Far far away from the mad rushing crowd
Please carry me with you

Again I would wander where memories enfold me
There on the beautiful Island of Dreams
Far far away on the Island of Dreams


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  2. I remember seeing Dusty on TV in black & white when I was young & falling in love with those eyes...

  3. Now if we're going to have racism in Blogland, YP, Keith, albeit not a poultry farmer but definitely Welsh, will not be happy. You won't want to see him when he's not happy - he turns green and bursts out of his shirt...

  4. Jenny, I think YP was taking a friendly poke at his commenter friend John, who is a Welsh poultry farmer. So it doesn't qualify as racism, because he was talking to one specific Welsh poultry farmer and not about all Welsh poultry farmers.

  5. JENNY Henry Kissinger (R.Brague) was right. I didn't realise that Keith had become a Welsh poultry farmer. Do the chucks sleep in your caravan? By the way, there will be no racism in Blogland! Racism will be outlawed. Anyone who says racist things or even thinks racist thoughts will be branded, whipped and made to work in the rice plantation with other vile racists and Scotsmen in kilts.

  6. What a great choice of songs! I'd never heard it, but I love it. Dusty's part is too high for me, but I can sing harmony like the guy with the eyebrows. I love to sing around a campfire. Now you've made me wish Paul Simon and Joan Baez would also be on the island.

  7. I like Dusty's shy frightfully-British introduction before she sings with her huge, fantastic voice. Great choice for the National Anthem. Splendid!

  8. He hasn't and I'll let you off this once, YP, in the interests of island harmony, you understand. ;)
    Rhymeswithplague, thank you for clearing that one up. :)

  9. Dusty is just fantastic.....such a wonderful wonderful voice.


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