15 November 2011


Earlier today, in defiance of our gloomy weather forecast, honeyed sunshine seeped through a grey cloud blanket and illuminated the Peak District National Park which is right on Sheffield's doorstep. I walked on Higger Tor's rocky plateau from where Bronze and then Iron Age people once looked out. Today I spotted three walkers, silhouetted against more distant hills and to the left of them birds - perhaps crows - danced in the air above Hathersage Moor. I think this picture, which I am rather proud of, will enlarge if you click on it.


  1. yes it a cracking shot YP

  2. It is lovely, YP. One to treasure,I think.

  3. Aye - what is it with the weather eh? We dont listen to the forecasters anymore.

  4. Great shot, but I think it's three smokers escaping the tobacco Stasi for a quick drag.

  5. EARL GRAY Thanks. You are clearly an excellent judge.
    JENNY As above.
    MRS NESBITT These days I find they are usually right - in spite of folklore - so when forecasters get it wrong I am genuinely surprised.
    SHOOTING PARROTS It would have taken a lot of puff to get to the top of Higger Tor when they could have just nipped behind the local bike sheds as no doubt you yourself did in your school days - "Oi! Rhodesy! Gorra Woodbine?"


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