17 February 2012


Logos are all around us. You just can't miss them. Logo designs can make or break organisations. This is probably the most recognisable logo on the entire planet:-
In the 1930's, the brilliant propaganda machine that was Germany's National Socialist Party (Boo!) raided ancient Indian iconography to find this memorable spiritual logo which is now of course tainted forever:-
In Great Britain ( I never say "United Kingdom" any more) this horrible logo was dreamt up by some joker for the 2012 London Olympics. When launched, its design attracted floods of complaints and I must say it took me months to realise that the hideous logo spells out "2012" in a stylised manner:-

Surely one of the most effective logos of all time was created for The Brazilian Institute of Oriental Studies. Here you can see an Asian pagoda being absorbed by the setting sun. At least I think that's what it is meant to represent! You may have other ideas:-


  1. I had lego as a child....always enjoyed playing with it

  2. EARL GRAY Were you pondering the last lego when you wrote this?

  3. I was trying to better your comment on my blog.....failed miserably

  4. Oh my... that last logo? how unfortunate......and the olympic one... have you seen the Simpsons?..something rude was said about Lisa regarding that one ..

  5. EARL GRAY You have lost me sire! I am sure that miserable failure is not one of your most obvious traits.
    LIBBY Yes I remember that comparison during the early responses to the logo. What an insult to Lisa Simpson! Let's hope that the messy, forgettable logo does not foreshadow messy, forgettable Olympics.

  6. That last one is very unfortunate and I'm afraid the real message it is supposed to carry is not at all the one I saw. Glad you explaied the real meaning !!!

  7. HELEN I can't imagine what you were thinking! At first I thought the last one was a new logo for the banking industry.

  8. A true laugh out loud moment, which I did :)


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