23 February 2012


How did people survive before modern inventions arrived to relieve the pressures and stresses of  everyday living? Here's an amazing yet ludicrously simple invention from 1937. Funny how it never really caught on:-


  1. Must get one for Paddy and Jake! Mind you, they don't seem to have seat belts and the bottom one looks as if he is about to make his escape.

  2. now PUD
    take OUT the kittens and PUT IN the odd chicken and NOWWWWWWWWWWW we're talking baby!

  3. I know! To prevent and fauna escaping, simply abandon animals altogether and insert POTPLANTS. This is an ideal way to:
    a. Show off your 'green fingers'.
    b. Increase oxygen concentration in specific highly industrialised areas of cities
    c. Bring lush greenery and flowers to slum areas, raising the poor's aspirations.

    However, it does have the disadvantage of increasing the chances of the nasty condition: WBPHA* syndrome.

    * Wicker Basket Potplant Hook Arm.

  4. No wonder it didn't catch on - the baskets don't have lids. Those kittens would escape as soon as they hit the water!

  5. I think the answer why it didn't catch on is in the photo. The kitten in the bottom basket is about to leap out, no doubt with his or her fellow felines in hot pursuit. It would be like herding cats.

  6. Cat hoarders are never that stylish.

  7. JENNY You will need a third dog. Perhaps a Welsh terrier called Keith?
    EARL GRAY You would win many admirers in the village if you walked out with one of those! You could even make the "Rhyl Journal"!
    KATHERINE Yes! Why should we be so selfish as to enjoy our houseplants in our own homes without showing them off to the world? This could be the solution!
    DAVID You have a macabre sense of humour that may not go down "well" with pet lovers!
    SHOOTING PARROTS I'd rather herd a cat than teach a parrot to talk sense!
    JAN B You seem to be speaking from experience. How many are you hoarding in your ranch?


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