15 February 2012


Sometimes, I find myself remembering my beautiful little island in the Andaman Sea - Koh Poda. There you didn't need to care about the "euro" or the American right or crazy Muslim clerics or the price of bacon. You just took your book and your bottle of water to a shady place on the beach and when the sun got too hot you put your mask on and snorkelled out over the turquoise bay. One afternoon, when I finally raised my head from the salt-water, I noticed that I was a hundred metres offshore and an angry,  charcoal-coloured storm cloud had arrived from nowhere. By the time I made it back to the beach, rain was lashing down like no tomorrow. I just stood there laughing, waiting for this sudden tempest to pass. There was nobody else there. My book - "Bangkok - A Cultural History" was completely sodden. 

I looked back at my photographs of Koh Poda today. Did I really go there? Was it really me?:-

And on the mainland, in the fishermen's cave at Railay Beach, wooden phalluses had been placed as offerings to some ancient sea god:-


  1. Well aren't you glad you have those fantastic photos to look back on. Isn't travel to foreign places just sooooo interesting? Wish I was a millionaire. I'd be off exploring the world in a flash.

  2. Which reminds me, what's happening with our Bloggerland getaway? :)

  3. Just what I needed on a wet, grey Wednesday morning.

  4. HELEN You and I have been very fortunate to have seen so much. Compared with people of yesteryear, we are already like millionaires. By the way only Wonderwoman could see the world "in a flash"!
    JENNY Patience my dear! The project is quietly coming to fruition. The target date for emigration to Blogland was always March. Nip down to Matalan to get yourself a couple of new bikinis. Primrose would suit you I think.
    CAPTAIN PARROTS Uh? It's nice and sunny over in Sheffield and I'm just about to go for a country ramble. I'll see you by Beehive Farm in the village of Harthill in about ninety minutes. Better bring some birdseed.

  5. Why would some ancient sea god even need wooden phalluses?

  6. RHYMES WITH To frighten fish into his net? To use as drumsticks on the side of his boat? Not really sure.


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