21 June 2012


Robert I or Robert the Bruce was the leader of the Scots nation between 1306 till his death from an "unclean ailment" in 1329. A legend has evolved around him concerning the time he was on the run from English forces in the winter of 1306/7. Allegedly, he hid in a dank cave feeling utterly defeated until he noticed the endeavours of a fellow cave dweller - a determined spider that stuck to its task until its web was spun.The story goes that this lifted Robert's spirits and made him determined to work harder to defeat the English imperialists. In 1314, he led his kilted haggis munchers to a famous victory at Bannockburn near Stirling which even today figures large in the psyche of Scotland.

I mention this because I of course have also been hiding in a cave - feeling not just dejected but terrified. Shocking visions of what happened to Thuza and Arun remain all too vivid and I can't dismiss them from my mind. From the cave entrance, just before sunset,  I could see a single bottlenosed dolphin. It came leaping into the bay, reared its head and seemed to look in my direction before heading back out to sea. This was my spider moment. I realised that I must also head out to sea - escape before they find me.

And then I remembered - the old inflatable lifeboat from Rhyl - the one we used to search for Katherine de Chevalle. It was left under the wooden jetty at the Robert Brague Memorial Wharf to the north of Blogland. Perhaps the murderous newcomers don't even know it's there. It had an old brown tarpaulin over it. It's probably my only chance. I mean the British government sent a task force to the Falklands in 1982 but they're hardly likely to do the same for a single former British citizen are they? Besides, the longer I sit here, the riskier it becomes. I've got to go and go tonight, before it's too late... 


  1. Go for it, YP and good luck on your journey!

  2. Just make sure you've got plenty of water and sun cream.

  3. This is completely off-topic.

    Somewhere I mentioned Bob the Turkey and you expressed doubts. If you will e-mail me your mailing address at rbrague at windstream dot com, I will send you the newspaper clipping.

    Good luck with escaping by sea. Maybe that bottlenosed dolphin will let you hitch a ride.

  4. JENNY Your good wishes shall be a like a beacon guiding me home,,,I hope.
    SHOOTING PARROTS Water? Of course sir. But suncream? Shall I just nip down to "Superdrug" for that? I'm afraid I am more concerned with survival than getting a suntan!
    RHYMES WITH... Oh my dear Robert, I could never doubt you. I know my Yorkist sense of humour sometimes puzzles you but as you are a religious man I am sure you would never lie about the existence of a turkey called Bob. Perhaps you are right - maybe the dolphin will watch over me and help me in my hour of need.

  5. Oh, K, I finally figured it out. YOU'RE FROM YORKSHIRE. Yeah, that has to be the reason you're crazy. thank heavens you're not from TEXAS, now that would be awful.

  6. DINDIN I am so sane it hurts!


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