7 June 2012


The Blogland Procurement Council purchased a Club Car golf buggy, anticipating that it would be useful to more senior bloggers. As you will appreciate, there are no cars here and the council recognised that older bloggers - not used to walking - could potentially become prisoners in their own homes. The council was especially concerned about the impending arrival of Mr and Mrs Brague from The Peach State and had planned to park the aforementioned vehicle under their Balinese-style beach property.
It's less than a quarter of a mile from the Bragues' residence to our social club and though it's not marked on the map, a wide paved path was constructed specially to allow the Bragues to travel in the electric golf buggy between their residence and the social club - where several bottles of "Wild Turkey" bourbon remain behind the bar earmarked exclusively for Mr Brague.
Since Katherine deChevalle left to pursue her artistic career back in New Zealand, I have come to accept that I may always be alone here - the only Blogland passport holder in the world. Though I have dismissed several slaves members of the Burmese support staff, the population still seems to be enlarging and I have been powerless to prevent poor Burmese families arriving from the mainland to occupy several of the designer homes intended for western immigrants.

The golf buggy is redundant so it is available for sale while still in A1 condition. Shipping will be included in the successful bid price. I decided to sell it through this blog rather than resort to e-bay. Please place your bids in the "Comments" section and explain how you wish to use the buggy should your bid be successful.


  1. Hey, I'm glad you didn't include us among your 'senior citizens' YP. ;)

  2. I was about to put in offer when I noticed that it's left-hand drive so it's a bit too foreign for me. Is it the law in Blogland to drive, walk, escalate etc on the right? It could explain a lot.

  3. JENNY At the same time the golf buggy was purchased, the procurement council bought roller blades for yourself and your master - Mr Keith.
    SHOOTING PARROTS It's an American golf buggy and nothing should be read into that fact. 100% of the Blogland electorate swing so far to the left that they clonk themselves.

  4. I need something like that, but I need it to haul a bay of hay from the barn to the horse pasture. This one looks a little wimpy, maybe I need a Gator, or a quadrunner, instead.

  5. JAN It is not "wimpy" ma'am! It is robust and could easily haul a little trailer behind it carrying mountains of hay for your greedy horses.

  6. golf buggy my arse
    I suspect you have been riding on one of thora hurds old invalid buggies

  7. are you sure this isn't a "pope-mobile" that's been carjacked? It would fetch a fair bit more if you could verify THAT particular provenance!
    It wouldn't fit my six foot rod bag (I'm always bragging) in it so it would be no good for my hobbies which are a) walking and b) fishing - I'm not even going to dignify my own comments by explaining why it wouldn't be suited to hobby (A) above!


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