24 June 2012


Hi folks! It's not YP, it's me Sticky Toffee Pudding or STP for short. I finally figured out how to access his Blogger account. I told that dimwit brother of mine that he should never have deserted these fair isles for Blogland. Like I said to him the day he left, "Reality's gonna catch up with you one day bro!" But would he listen? Would he hell! He's always been headstrong that way and now see where the idiot is! Floating round the Indian Ocean in a cast off inflatable lifeboat. I've phoned the Foreign Office in London but they couldn't give a monkey's. Well in my view, he's got himself into this life or death quandary and he has only himself to blame.

Meanwhile, whenever the English summer weather has allowed me to, I have been following in YP's size eleven footsteps and enjoying a few country walks. It's something I was never allowed to do when I was in the unit. My every move was monitored. Now nothing pleases me better than to be out there tramping the hills and dales of The Peak District. I feel free. And here's a bunch of pictures from a couple of walks I took earlier this week:-
Natural sculpture - Margery Stones
Margery Hill summit - highest point in South Yorkshire
Picknickers in the ruins of North America Farm, Langsett
Meadows near the village of Flagg
Cottages in Taddington, Derbyshire
Unusual phonebox in Chelmorton

Click on pictures to see enlarged versions.


  1. That "sculpture" has definite Henry Moore undertones!

  2. now I adore that green phone box...
    dare I request a "guest" blog from your down to earth slutty sister
    "bread and butter" (b&b)

  3. Oh STP ... how can you be so uncaring? adrift and alone YP may be fish food soon.......anyhoo, those village shots are really pretty.

  4. MORNING AJ That's just what I thought though arguably Nature does it better!
    JOHN GRAY (EARL) B&B is currently in Ukraine with other diehard England fans. If I get out of my current dilemma I shall certainly put your request to her.
    LIBBY I wish I could tell you why my brother was incarcerated all those years. If you knew you would understand why he's so uncaring towards me. By the way, do you know the way to San Jose?

  5. 'ere STP..... if you've got the camera here for walking jaunts.... what the heck is YP taking photos with in the middle of the ocean? I REALLY like the Margery Stones!


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