23 September 2012


"Duttybreed" is a new T-shirt brand conceived and created by our beloved son Ian who is now faraway in  our nation's seething metropolis. He did lots of homework before launching the new brand, working with a couple of professional graphic designers and researching possible producers. The shirts are available exclusively via internet sales and you can click on any of the promotional pictures to access the carefully crafted website.

Okay middle-aged bloggers are not Duttybreed's  target market but you may have children or grandchildren, friends or neighbours who'd be interested in joining the Duttybreed movement. It's early days yet and to build a new brand takes time and perseverance. Many times people have good ideas and fail to follow them through - I know that I am often guilty of that - but Ian has not just had the idea, he has put it into practice and  for that I am rather proud of him. If you can, please support this enterprise.
Ian himself modelling one of the new designs


  1. Where did the name come from? and your lad is a looker isn't he!

  2. LIBBY The word "dutty" is street parlance for "dirty". I think it originated in Jamaica and can have both positive and negative connotations. It's those kind of urban people he's hoping to attract....A looker? He must take after his mother cos I'm an ugly bugger as you can see from my picture next to this comment.

  3. as a man who wears ALKING dead t shirts.... these look positively upper class.... well done that man

  4. I'm glad you explained 'dutty' for us, although it sounds more Scottish to me! But what about 'the illest' or is it 'theillest'?

    It's rather a good website too, but then it does use WordPress.

  5. EARL GRAY Alking Dead T-shirts are not as cool as Walking Dead T-shirts but earls should wear Harris Tweed plus fours, deer stalkers and brogues!
    SCOOTING PARROTS Yo! Shootie Dude! How ya doin bro? You gotta get down in da hood mon!...Of course bro, "illest" means - nothing better than
    e.g. the illest piece of damn pie you could eat.


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