14 September 2012


Sheffield's evening newspaper is called "The Star". In the Letters section, they always include a "reader's photo" or "photo of the day". Remembering a conversation I had last weekend at the wedding, two days ago I decided to mail in three of my recent photographs and this afternoon I was pleasantly surprised to find they'd published a picture I took last week on the Kinder Scout plateau. Here it is. Those of you without memories like sieves may recall that I posted a different picture of this millstone outcrop last Friday.
Newsprint isn't the best medium for faithful colour reproduction. This is the original digital picture that I sent off to "The Star". It's a lot sharper.
DISCLAIMER: Regarding my photographic exploits, may I say there is no truth whatsoever in the rumour that I was in Provence, France last week scrabbling through the French undergrowth to snap saucy pictures of  the Duchess of Cambridge in a semi-naked state. I was there in search of the elusive  Pyrenean desman which is a far more interesting subject.


  1. For a minute I was expecting one of those readers' wives columns, but no such luck.

    You're right about photos not coming out too well on newsprint though. I sometimes have to look twice to identify some of mine when they've appeared in the freebie. They lift them from Flickr - maybe you should encourage the Star to start up a group.

  2. ah the imfamous SHEFFIELD STARdo you remember sheffield star's editor John Highfield YP?one of my oldest sheffield pals!

  3. SHOOTING PARROTS You mean like a pop group?
    EARL GRAY Of course I remember John Highfield. He was also a regular arts and entertainment contributor on Radio Sheffield. What does he do now? Community service?

  4. Yeah right YP... :-) You would have us believe? Honestly though, I believe you. Well done for getting a pic published (the mother and child one I mean) - Dave

  5. Congratulations YP. Star of the Star.

  6. Dying moor should be open to traffic? What kind of logic is that? One minute they're dropping gravel and heather everywhere to stop the erosion and the next..... well I am sure you get the idea!!


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