9 September 2012


Ros and Pete cutting  the famous wedding cake
Yesterday was so lovely, in spite of the fact that I had been sort of press-ganged into taking the photos at a friend's wedding. The September sunshine was as sweet as honey and Sheffield's Botanical Gardens were bathed in gorgeous clear light. As you know, I normally take landscape pictures but having snapped many sheep this summer, I felt well-prepared for capturing images of the wedding guests. Obviously, I remembered my shepherd's crook and my faithful sheepdog Shep.

It was a second marriage for both Ros and Pete. Shirley and I have known Ros for many years and well remember the unhappy and stressful circumstances surrounding her first husband's unexpected departure - leaving her to bring up three young children pretty much on her own. All three grew up to be well-balanced young people who each went on to university. She met Pete through a dating website. He's a surprisingly nice fellow from what we on the Yorkshire side of the Pennine hills call "the dark side".
Guests assembling in the Botanical Gardens
The civil ceremony itself was held by the open doors of one of the glass pavilions in the Botanical Gardens. Guests peered through the greenery as promises and rings were  exchanged and then we loitered in the sunshine before strolling to the reception at the Polish Club on Ecclesall Road. 

Shirley had made the wedding cake - a three tier affair decorated with fresh flowers and yet more botanical greenery. It was a true labour of love and everyone agreed that the end result was most professional. Not only can my dear and multi-talented wife achieve a masters degree in her early fifties - she can also create a stunning wedding cake for a friend.

There was a North African style meal, wine and pints of "Easy Rider" beer and we listened to the traditional  speeches before grooving to live music provided by a band recently formed by some friends of Ros's lads and then later my mate the saxophonist - Big Bob performed with his band - The Hummingbirds.
After the formal ceremony
Two families united
Dan - Ros's older son - gave her away
The Hummingbirds
As I say, it was a lovely day. The sun shone. Ros and Pete's families were united and there was goodwill and laughter in the air. Two nice, intelligent  and kindly people joined together for the rest of their days  - proving that when lives are devastated by the tsunamis that mark marriages ending - there is still hope and the chance of love and happiness in the years beyond. I raise a glass to Ros and Pete and wish them all the best.
Ros and Pete tarry near the fountain


  1. That looks like a lovely day...the bride looks smashing and the photos are pretty good too.

  2. LIBBY Don't you mean the photos look smashing and the bride looks pretty good too?

  3. They certainly had the weather for it, even if wedding attire isn't the most comfortable when it's warm!

  4. ...And MR PARROTS - the ceremony itself was in that large botanical greenhouse! Marriage can be a sweaty business.

  5. hooray - we have Easy Rider on at the Shoulder of Mutton - it's my favourite beer and I managed to drink a gallon or so yesterday during a marathon 14 and a half hour shift behind the bar!! Top stuff.
    Well done and congrats to your pals and Shirley for the wedding cake.... and you did ok with the pictures too!!

  6. ARCTIC FOX Thanks for your positive good wishes even though the praise attached to my sample of photos was underwhelming.

  7. Lovely weather, wonderful cake, wonderful photos! There, happy?
    Jokes aside, I've taken a few weddings, and they are rather a big responsibility! You can't just pop back the next day and re-take any that don't turn out, say, because you forgot to actually put a film in the camera...

  8. Good on you, Shirley. Just beautiful!


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