7 September 2012


The Wool Packs - general view
Between Sheffield and Manchester, there's a high and largely inhospitable moorland plateau called Kinder Scout. At its heart is a mazy "other world" of peat bogs, dark channels called "groughs" and spongy hillocks called "haggs" - it's like a different planet - but at the plateau's edges the underlying millstone rock is revealed in several places. I was there yesterday and wandered in the September sunshine through an area of exposed rocks known as The Wool Packs. To me it was rather like being in a sculpture park - created over thousands of years by Mother Nature and her assistants - wind, frost and time. Here were some of the "exhibits" I saw:-
"Mother and Child"
"Giant's Fist"
"Stone Finger" or "The Cannon"
"Helicopter Observers"
"Supine  Rock Giant"
"Pairs of Buttocks"


  1. So that's where Henry Moore drew all his inspiration from.

  2. I thought mother and child before I read what you called it...and I love the buttocks!

  3. Your rock formations could replace the Rorschach test.

  4. HIPPO It certainly makes you wonder...but I think Mother Nature is a better sculptor.
    LIBBY Yes. It doesn't surprise me that you love the buttocks. Rumour has it that "The Mister" loves your buttocks too!
    SHOOTING PARROTS Ha! Ha! It's easy to guess the lewd interpretations that would immediately pop up in your unsavoury mind!

  5. Absolutely fantastic. Glad you took the time to photograph them. They really do look like they have been sculptured by human hands though I agree with you , Nature has done a better job.
    Looks like a lovely walk and a really interesting place. You could make a good living doing guided walks YP, your knowledge of the area seems extensive.

  6. HELEN Thanks for that but I'd always be yelling back over my shoulder - "Get a move on you lazy sods!" which I don't think would go down too well!

  7. I enjoyed these rocky photos too YP. They do look like sculptures too - better than some man-made ones I have seen! - Dave

  8. you're talking out of your abstract rock formation!

  9. DAVE from NZ I liked the statue to the Waikato farming family in Hamilton.
    ARCTIC FOX Ha! Ha! Nice one.


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