28 September 2012


Well, I'm writing this in our local library because for once our reasonably trusty  home broadband internet connectivity has failed us. No matter what I do, I just can't seem to connect and in my cavemanlike way I may have made matters worse than when I first started rooting through the innards of our main computer for a solution.

No doubt I'll get the problem sorted somehow next week. I wonder how long blinking modems last for? surely not forever. Ours came from TalkTalk a couple of years ago and it's been turned on ever since. Occasionally the trio of green lights needed for internet access have given way to a nasty little red light that says you can't get on but that issue has always been very temporary. Now the green lights are on but we can't connect.

Shirley has become worse than me with a severe internet habit. She's on Facebook, she's researching for her new Women's Institute group, she's hotmailing and checking out programmes on i-player. Last night she seemed lost as if she was unable to get hold of the heroin she needs to feed her habit. When I get home she will probably clout me with a frying pan for not getting her "stuff" sorted this afternoon. And then the fifteen year old dishwasher is malfunctioning but that's another story...

Here are a couple of photos from the walk I went on yesterday - from Pilsley to Hassop, Great Longstone, Bakewell and back to Pilsley. A four hour march with lots of lovely things to see:-
STOP PRESS:- It's a relief to hear that the abductor, paedophile and former teacher Jeremy Forrest has been arrested in France and that his victim - fifteen year old Megan Stammers is safe. What a relief this must be for her family and unlike some visitors to this blog I have absolutely no sympathy for Forrest. As with the unfortunate girls who were preyed upon by a gang of perverts in Rochdale, Megan is a child - yes she's fifteen years old but still a child. As far as I'm concerned, Forrest is even worse than the Rochdale vultures. He was a teacher in a position of trust and he took advantage of his position to form an illicit reationship with a minor.


  1. It is scary when you lose the internet - it feels like you've been cut off from the world. Shouldn't you just turn off your modem, leave it sixty seconds and turn it back on again? Either that or kick it.

  2. One wonderful thing about having kids still at home is that they can keep technological gadgets in perfect running condition. When the internet connections, I just go "Waaaaaaahhhhh!" like a baby and the son makes it better. Payback.

  3. Never mind four hour walks, Y, just get the internet sorted for Shirley - otherwise you will deserve to get clouted with a frying pan!!!

  4. yp
    I thought sheffield council shut all the libraries?

  5. SHOOTING PEE Thanks - I tried that but in the end the solution has been to take all the wires out of the router and then to simply shove them back in!
    JAN For his birthday you should buy him a custom T-shirt. Is it a plane? Is it a bird? No! It's "SuperBob".
    JENNY Sounds like poor Keith has had similar treatment. My heart bleeds for the poor fellow. Man abuse is more widespread than we might imagine.
    EARL GRAY There has been a lot of belt tightening. Yesterday I did a library survey. One of the questions was - what extra cost-cutting measures can you suggest? My response was - NO cost cutting - in fact funds need to increase - Stop the costly War in Afghanistan!

  6. Look at the upper row of keys. See the one that looks like a tower with radiating waves--Eiffel Tower in parentheses. Press it ONCE and see if the little image shows up on your computer or is it grayed out? I worked with tech experts all over the world for hours everyday, going into the register, pinging things, and no one could figure out the problem. Finally, after a good cry, I decided to try it. Now, if it shows up grayed out, that means the connection was there anyway. If it shows up bright, then you had it off.

    All I did was drop an envelope on the keyboard. That key was obviously hit by a corner of the envelope.

    Everytime a real-life friend has a computer that is not online, we try this. About half the time it is the key to fix it. If you know what the capslock key does in terms of appearance, then you will know what this one appears to be.

    Good luck.

  7. If you have unplugged everything, turned off computer and waited for 30 seconds, and plugged it back in, there is one more thing. Find the pinhole on the side of the modem and put a straightened paperclip into it to reset.

    I have 64 bit and 32 bit on my computer. Somehow, everything got switched to the wrong one--64. It appeared my modem was toast. I cured that my logging onto yahoo first thing and then was able to change everything back to 32 bit.

    Have someone help you ping your computer to see if it is sending and receiving almost equally or at all. I could help you ping your computer over the phone, but not on the internet which you cannot get.

  8. LINDA What do you mean I "had it off"? Vulgar insinuations are not allowed in this blog but if you wish to come over to "ping" my Eiffel Tower I shall be most grateful...Seriously though - thanks for the guidance. Much appreciated. In the end I must confess that Lady Pudding herself sorted the problem by removing all wires from our TalkTalk router and then simply replacing them! Abracabloodydabra!


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