24 September 2013


Grab the popcorn and a bucket-sized cup of cola - it's time to snuggle down in your comfy chair and enjoy the latest blockbusting film from the renown, avant garde English film director - Sir Yorkshire Pudding. It is his fourth feature film and once again Pudding ignores normal film conventions to craft a unique and dramatic vision  of the Derbyshire countryside. Incredibly, this film is brought to you free of charge thanks to generous sponsorship from Yorkey's Knob Junior Football Team (Cairns, Australia) and The Tom Gowans Big Toe Preservation Society:- 


  1. Loved the ode to Tom's toe ~ I didn't want to hurt you like this :)
    And liked the twirling bit you did with the Coolpix.

  2. I think the photos of Hippos toe has turned everyone off popcorn and choctop ice creams.

  3. It is sometimes said that sucking toes can be an exciting form of foreplay. A British Tory politician called David Mellor was famous for it. Wonder if he'd have latched on to Cap'n Tom's toe?


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