27 March 2014


Kolea - Land of the Flee free
Howdy pupils. Is me Supleme Reader of Kolea - you frend Kim-Jung-un. Why none wesern pupils cum in my cunt tree for horriday? Nort Kolea vely nis plays to visite. I picky pitchers jus for you> Here berow, near boarder wid Pupils Republic of China, waterfarr temple at Baekdu, Velly nis:-

 Ancent toooms at Kaesong. No toom raider ha ha no Lara Cloft - choppy hans off if raiding:-
 Staue of daddy in Pyongyang. He very gleat reader but not as gleat as me. I velly strong like Dennis Lodman. Big mussel no chubber like miss Lolly say:-
We hev many pleasants in Kolea. Velly lazy pupils. No like. Smells and too tin like skellntons. Kneed to be more chubber like Supleme Reader. Eat mow M&M. M&M vely nis.
No likey pleasants but likey army girl. Marching vely good. Vely strong. No like Merican woman. No eatie french fry sofa lie down. No cellar phone - gossipy-gossipy all day long like Dennis Lodman say. I army boss tell army girl cum in bathroom. Ha ha ha! Ri-sol-Ju  no likey. army girl weepie Boo hoo!

So cum in Pupils Republic of Korea! Cum for horriday G'day mate!
Yours fatefully 
King Jong-un xxxx


  1. Hope you lock your door at night, YP, because when he gets wind of this blog.....! Well, we'll send a search party over to look for you when you disappear.

    1. King Jong has alleddy disapleared flom my leading list. I velly lespectful so will put him black.

    2. Miser Adlian wha leading rist? Kim Jong-un no unnerstan wha yoo say mate.

  2. King Yon Lummun, I think Google are wise to u. They have taken u and your widom littings of my leading list and they won't go back. Wise and eludite men have been plostituted thloughout histolly.

    1. I enemy of Google. Sen ICBM. Pow Google HQ. Go BOOM! No dissrespec Supleme Reader Joe say!

    2. Kim my flend. the thlet was effective. You are back on leading list.

  3. Nice to meet you Kim. Or should I call you Il? I am not quite sure which way round the names go. Your country looks genuinely beautiful and interesting and I would truly love to visit it. It is just such a pity that - well I think I had better finish this comment right here.


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