6 June 2019


A week ago, I asked for ideas or titles that I might use to spark another poem into existence. I focused upon a title suggested by JayCee, the Isle of Man based  blogger responsible for "The Diary of a Nobody". The title JayCee suggested was "The Dark Side"...

I pictured woodland in the shadow of a hill with night falling and I thought about the current rise of dark political forces in Europe, America and various other corners of our planet. I wondered if I might be able to meld the two together - the dark woods and the dark hearts. This is what arose:-

The Dark Side

With dusk, shadows congeal
Becoming night.
On old animal tracks
We cut through these forbidding trees
Stumbling now
In an odour of decay -
Of rotten stumps and
Gangrenous mushrooms clustered
In gangs, their flesh uneatable
With spores of nocturnal creatures
Decomposing in the gloom.
It is a place for iron hearts
And unforgiving stares.
The relentless march of brutes
Echoes everywhere -
Taking Nature in their stride,
Singing their hollow anthems,
Trampling toward pale glints of starlight
Blind in their faithless fantasies
Dark heralds of a blacker night.


  1. Oh my. I shall be too afraid to venture into our woodland at night now! Thanks for the mention by the way and I am tickled pink to have inspired such an opus.

    1. "Tickled pink" was not really the reaction I was hoping to elicit

    2. Over the moon then?

    3. The Dark Side of The Moon?

  2. I often wonder if the dark forces in the world (i.e., people) are at all in touch with nature's beauty. I can't picture it. Maybe if they were, things would be different today.

    Well done, Mr. Pudding.

    1. Maybe. Thanks for sharing your take on this poem Jenny-O.

  3. I'm scared! Excellent poem. I love the term "faithless fantasies" and I can easily see how it could be applied to the politics of the world today. Well done Mr. Pudding.

    1. Thanks for reading my poem and for thinking about it Bonnie. I must confess that though I worked quite hard on this one, I am still not entirely happy with it.

  4. I went to the dark side last night...I switched off my bedside light...the dark descended before I could blink, I thiink.

    Well done, Major Pud...your poem is very descriptive...thanks for sharing.

  5. Excellent. Could almost shoot myself for the despair felt, but then I have always loved Tolkien and Lewis and know that the forces of evil are always overcome by the forces of good.

    1. I hope that that is true in real life Thelma. Thanks for reading this poem and thinking about it.


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