10 October 2011


What is that munching on our lawn this drizzly autumnal day? Why it's my new pet sheep - Beau! Our son Ian purchased her from a sheep dealer in Nottingham and she travelled back to Sheffield in the back of our hatchback yesterday afternoon. I woke this morning to "Baaaa! Baaaa!" I wish Beau was part of a flock. She looks very lonesome doesn't she? But investigations demonstrated that we don't have enough grass to support more than one hungry sheep.

I am a regular reader of "Going Gently" in which Earl John Gray, the tea baron, often recounts the ups and downs of caring for an assortment of animals on his country estate in North Wales. Now with the arrival of Beau, I think I have joined his league though I am not about to make Beau my "partner". She will instead be my lawn mower. She was purchased secretly by Shirley, Ian and Frances to celebrate my recent eighty second birthday.

Earlier, regular garden visitor Stanley, the alpha male ginger cat from up the street, came strolling down the little path between our dwarf box trees and stopped in his tracks when he saw Beau grazing. Beau sneered at him and Stanley ran off. Territorial rights modified.

I guess there'll be a few more posts about Beau before she becomes several Sunday lunches, a few lamb saags and a fireside rug. In the meantime I hope to find great pleasure looking after my new girlfriend. Now where did I put my wellington boots? Welcome Beau! Daddy's coming!


  1. I was going to have a jealous rant for a moment then!

  2. Oh, you are smitten already, Mr. Pudding. What is that wonderful word the English have for how you are feeling? Oh, yes. Besotted! (love that word.)

  3. Dear Yorkshire Pudding, "Beau" is a masculine word. The feminine counterpart is "belle". A female sheep (or ewe) named Beau is a contradiction in terms linguistically, unless Beau is gay, lesbian, bisexual, or trans-gendered. Did you, a teacher of the English language, neglect to educate your own son? Or was he, like many sons, intent on doing what he pleased regardless of parental concerns and advice?

  4. I wasn't quite sure how to to put this, but this sheep wouldn't be 'anatomically correct' would it?

  5. JOHN GRAY Get your own sheep!
    JAN B You mean those little pellets that Beau leaves behind,
    MOUNTAIN THYME Yes I am truly besotted with my Beau.
    RHYMES WITH PEDANT My son wanted the sheep to be called Dolly but I insisted on Beau - a play upon the nursery rhyme title - "Little Bo Peep". Also - many sheep that we think of as female are actually castrated rams known as wethers. But thanks for your intelligent input.
    MORNING AJ Maaaaaay! (Lamb wishing to suckle its mama)
    SHOOTING PARROTS Let's just say that with Beau, it wouldn't be parrots you'd be shooting!

  6. That sheep looks very...still. You are clearly regretting your decision not to come to New Zealand. This was picked up by those nearest and dearest and a concrete sheep offered to you as a poor substitute. Just don't make any more rude comments about New Zealanders and sheep, and I won't make any comments about 82 year-olds and concrete sheep. Deal?
    (Happy Birthday, by the way. If you are 82, you must have had a very good, worry-free life.)

  7. How cute! Of course, she should be a welsh sheep for quality, especially if you are eventually going to eat her. ;)

  8. Lovely! A beauty - but you KNOW that! Well welcome to Yorkshire's ways lad - where men are men and sheep are worried! lol!

  9. KATHERINE Of course Beau looks "still"! It's a still photograph - not a movie clip! And though her heart may be as hard as concrete her body is most definitely not.
    JENNY As you know, I have always loved the Welsh - especially as they have now made it to the Rugby World Cup semi-finals.
    MRS NESBITT Beau has nothing to be worried about. I am a very caring owner - a big, soft Yorkshire pudding.

  10. Your Beau is not exactly a lively sheep is she? - or else there is something very interesting in that particular spot on the ground that she is contemplating!
    I'm sorry but I am also having trouble with a female sheep called Beau - it offends my HUGE knowledge of the French language!
    It's nice to have a pet that is so easy to care for.


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