14 December 2011


Another sunny December morning and another ramble where Yorkshire and Derbyshire meet. And for once you can enlarge all of these pictures by clicking on them.
Above: Looking to Callow Bank and Stanage from Winyard's Nick

Mother Cap - a millstone tor

The old packhorse bridge over Burbage Brook

View of Carl Wark and Higger Tor


  1. Fantastic. You are obviously getting much better weather than we are!

  2. They told me Derbyshire was up to its neck in snow. Apparently not.

  3. Stunning photographs, especially the view from Winyard's Nick. I have visions of you being turfed out of the house by Mrs Pudding every morning with you sandwiches wrapped in waxed paper and a thermos flask, ordered not to come back until tea-time.

  4. JENNY That's no surprise. Everybody knows that Welsh weather is the worst in the world.
    MORNING AJ Who are "they"? The little people inside your head?
    SHOOTING PEE I know you love taking pictures yourself and you're pretty good at it so to receive praise from you is like Barry Bucknell applauding somebody's finished DIY project...I have visions of you being turfed out in the morning by Mrs Parrots and told never to return!

  5. Great pictures and lovely to hear the names of these places.....one day when I've retired I'll get to gad about doing just what you do...sigh....

  6. Ahhh lovely photosSuch lovely place to walk YP. Thanks for taking us.


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