2 December 2011


The Blogland Development Commitee have asked me to seek prospective residents' views about Proposal 17b, namely:-
  • 17b In principle, money will be outlawed in favour of a communal system of exchange in which hours of work and acts of kindness towards others will earn credit notes - though the age, fitness and skill-levels of residents will be factored into reward calculations. Electricity will be produced free of charge by strategically placed hydro-electric generators and a small "farm" of wind generators. Regarding food provision, the country aims to be 90% self-sufficient by 2013. Other necessary products, including imported Tetley's bitter, "Vosene" 2in1 shampoo and "Marmite", will be available free of charge from the co-operative store. It is hoped and expected that residents will quickly develop a more communal way of living with open doors and minds, leaving behind the isolationism of western living in which financial wealth has been key to determining social status and indeed social division.
Any thoughts about the presence or absence of money in Blogland will be much appreciated before the Development Committee's proposals reach the ratification stage. It should be pointed out that any servants with dependent families living on the Burmese mainland will have their salaries paid directly into foreign bank or post office accounts.


  1. Having retired just a few months ago, I've already learned to live without money. I am happy to bring my gardening skills, though I may have to adapt them for tropical crops. Maybe I need another trip to Maui to study tropical agriculture.

  2. What I want to know is, who is on this Development Committee and why aren't I? or Keith? or Paddy?

  3. JAN Okay. Fly out to Maui for a couple of weeks to undertake required studies. At the airport desk just tell them to charge the ticket to the BDC (Blogland Development Committee). Do the same at your chosen hotel on Maui.
    JENNY You would have certainly been on the Development Committee if you had replied to the initial email of October 15th inviting nominations. Unfortunately, according to records, you appear to have mistaken that request for spam before deleting it. Development Committee membership is strictly confidential but I can assure you there are no dogs on it or were you just being flippant when suggesting that Paddy might have been a member?

  4. I will program computers or play pianos and pipe organs in exchange for food.

  5. I can eat, sleep and do sod all for hours.Will I fit in?
    Jane x

  6. RHYMES WITH Excellent. Your two services will be much appreciated. Will you also be able to help dig out people's cesspits?
    JANE and CHRIS If you want to eat, sleep and do sod all that will be your prerogative for a few weeks at least and then I suspect you'll want to undertake some helpful community tasks. Mr Rhymes With Plague will probably need some assistance with the above. Full arm-length rubber gloves will be supplied.

  7. Our new leader is depressing me with his clear agenda to run this country on purely fiscal basis. Blogland sounds like just the antidote for me.
    I can make and teach art, raise fruit and vegetables to share, and I am good at mending things. I'm also a good sewer (fabrics, not cesspits) and a good listener. Please may I live there?


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