6 December 2011


Blogland construction update. I am happy to announce that house construction in Blogland is proceeding apace. Roughly half of the dwellings are now completed. The Development Committee asked the construction team if they could "dress" the Aspin Residence to give immigrants a sense of what to expect when they arrive. This is where Dame Jenny of Wrexham and her Welsh beau - Lord Keith will dwell. Their property enjoys beach views and provides bijou traditional accommodation with modern conveniences.

One of the hydro-electric facilities is already finished by the fast-flowing Daphne Stream in the interior and it is now successfully providing our construction team with power and lighting. The twelve giant blades for the Brague Memorial Wind Farm were shipped in from Madras, India just yesterday. Even as I write, a team of coolies are carrying them from the wharf to the other side of the island which is rather rocky and inhospitable. The Development Committee selected this location for the wind farm to avoid visual or aural displeasure to residents.

A team of Burmese peasants have dug out the hole for the communal swimming pool which, when completed, will be easily accessible to the entire Blogland community and should be something of a social hub with its palm-shaded jacuzzis, Caribbean-style cocktail bar, stylish fitness suite, rustic bamboo loungers and landscaped tropical gardens. Unfortunately, ladies will not be allowed to wear one-piece swimming costumes by the pool - only bikinis, the dimensions and design of which will be subject to close inspection by the National Bikini Inspector - an onerous part-time role which I have agreed to take on myself. Well somebody's got to do it.


  1. Before I started reading, I looked at that photo and thought, "That has to be ours!" Then I began to read and was transported from my dismal, grey, cold surroundings to wonderful Blogland. And then, I came down to earth with a crash. Only bikinis? You cannot be serious, man! Do you know what you are asking? Or letting yourself in for, come to that. OK, I'll wear the bikini, but... you'll be sorry!

  2. A bikini? at my age???? I'd scare children and animals.Would rather go without and have no shame at all!
    Cannot wait for my hut details...that one looks fabulous....when will we depart to paradise YP?

  3. I neglected to tell you that I will require a dwelling of at least 7,000 square feet, and my swimming pool must be a private one because I and a few select friends intend to swim in the altogether and we wouldn't want to scare the natives, now, would we?

  4. Wow, that hut and its surrounds look just wonderful, especially when the high temperature on my mountain was ten below yesterday.

    Will we all participate in the operation of the necessary infrastructure? Such as the wind farm and the pool and other systems? I hope we can do so without too many rules and restrictions. Should some of us travel there before others in order to get the gardens started for food production?

    I agree with libby. She and I will go without, if you don't mind. If you insist on some kind of bikini, then she and I might just have to start an Occupy Blogland protest.

  5. You can inspect my bikini, but I won't be in it. Ever.

    I am willing to come ahead of time to help with planting, having thoroughly researched tropical fruits and vegetables. My specialty is avocados. I have kept one growing here in Northern Calif. for 30 years, it should be easy on the island.

    Can we have a seahorse farm? Not to eat, just to enjoy.


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