27 December 2011


Okay we have heard about Ian The Laughing Horse Blogger of the Year but this is our Ian, our super son, born in 1984. In his five years at secondary school he never missed a single day but typically the school failed to acknowledge this remarkable achievement with some kind of award or certificate. Ian is a very decent young man and we are so proud of him. He's working in Nottingham at present - managing an independent men's fashionwear store. The pictures are taken from the store's website where Ian and other employees have modelled dozens of items of designer clothing.

In any economic downturn, retail sales are affected but in the current gloom the rise of internet selling brings a further downward pressure to high street profits. It's not easy and that's why Ian is currently working seven days a week. Shops aren't expanding their workforces and those "fortunate" enough to be in work are  obliged to give more of themselves in order to fend off wolves waiting in nearby financial alleyways to descend upon the weak.

If you are a fashion-conscious young man living in Sheffield or Nottingham then please visit "Sa-kis" to get yourself kitted out  from exclusive menswear lines or check out the company's website. 

I wonder if I should also volunteer to do some modelling for them? It would surely boost sales in these troubled times..


  1. Oh, may I gently suggest you leave it to Ian, YP. Best not run the risk of up-staging him.

  2. Oh go for it, YP - and be prepared for the sackfuls of fanmail and requests for autographs from demented females! Your Ian is very good looking, so it must be in the genes...somewhere... oh yes, of course, Shirley's side. ;)

  3. I think maybe the shop should take you up on your modelling offer.

    The problem when they use people like your son as a model, we imagine that is how we will look and it comes as a bit of a disappointment when we don't.

    Using blokes of more typical shape and size would be a good way of managing expectations!

  4. And what is not to be proud of? (excuse the grammar mr.teacher but I speak as I find..)he is a lovely lad and although your kind offer of help is fabulous I think perhaps you need to take a back seat and let him stay in the golden glow of the spotlight alone for now......he only needs to look at you to know how well he is going to turn out in later years...

  5. I like the clothes,,,,,,,,,I just could not get one of my legs into them!

  6. The young people here who have jobs are in the same situation. About half of them worked through the holidays, including Christmas day. The ones who don't have a "real" job are working two or three part-time jobs trying to make a living. It's hard for them to juggle their time for 3 demanding bosses, so they're always stressed. This generation is going to be a tough bunch for their governments to deal with someday, they're not soft like we were.


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