28 December 2011


I never really thought I would ever follow in my son's footsteps and become a male model but after yesterday's post I have been inundated with offers. Reluctantly, I agreed to pose for the front cover of "Vanity Fair" - admittedly for a handsome fee. For Dutch spirit I had to down two cans of strong lager and was, as requested, provided with a handgun as I strongly suspected that Julian - the mincing photographer - was a gay homosexual poof.
The lurex mini-briefs I agreed to model come in various different patterns and colours including leopardskin, rainbow and day-glo orange. Gentlemen - they are sure to drive your partners wild!

I look forward to further modelling opportunities when I hope not to be disguised as Santa. As you can see, my physique with rippling biceps and beefy abs is sure to colour the night-time imaginings of many's the fair damsel. I just can't help it. Some of us have got it and others haven't .


  1. There's really no answer to that, YP! I'm still reeling...

  2. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

  3. Hmmm, and some of us have more of "it" than others.

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  5. "He had a broad face, and a great big round belly
    That crushed his sex partners like a bowlful of jelly."

    (with apologies to Clement Clark Moore)

  6. Please, please, don't let that specimen anywhere near our paradise!

    And, Happy New Year to you and Mrs. Pudding.

  7. JENNY It doesn't surprise me that my sexy photo has got you reeling!
    KELLY BARTELS You will need to join the queue young lady.
    LIBBY That's what all the girls say.
    JAN B I have no idea to which "it" you are referring.
    RHYMES WITH Okay! No need to say it twice!
    MOUNTAINOUS TIME I hope to be in even better shape for Blogland. Could do with putting on a few extra pounds methinks. And seasons greetings to you in your Colorado mountain eyrie.

  8. Now that is one post I really regret seeing.

  9. the revolver is a LITTLE worrying

  10. Oh my!He looks like I felt on christmas night !!!

  11. Helen - I think you are getting your words mixed up. "Felt" is not just the stuff they put on snooker tables!
    Katherine - Don't have nightmares!
    Earl Gray - Why write "little" in block capitals? Very strange!


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