1 April 2012


This is a page from Shirley's 1964 Rupert annual. He's on Pleasure Island with a gang of happy "coons" who all look the same. What a contrast with Rupert and his chums - all individual and from a range of species. Still the "coons" seem happy in their self-imposed exile. The strange colouration is because this section of the annual was for "Magic Painting". My then five year old wife must have got a pot of water and a paintbrush then carefully washed over the picture. Please note I did not marry said wife when she was five as that would have been an arrestable offence! 
Page 65 Rupert annual 1964 - please click to enlarge.


  1. Rupert's middle name is 'The' you silly sausage!

    Sorry, I slipped into nursery language there for a moment.

    I wrecked my nan's black and white telly thanks to those magic paintings. I got over enthusiastic with the water hoping to get a colour picture.

  2. I can almost hear the screams of HUMAN RESOURCE staff as they reach for their "equality counts" folders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Now you've set the cat among the pigeons.....

    I wonder if you remember the book 'Little Black Sambo'
    They have taken it out of the library now, shame, my kids loved that book.


  4. SHOOTING PRATS "Yes", says Pudding. "I am a silly sausage!" Then Pudding goes to the pub to drink lots of magic nectar. Later he waddles home to find that 'er indoors has burnt all the yorkies. "Oh what a naughty wife you are!" says Pudding and he wallops her with the vaccuum cleaner.
    EARL JOHN GRAY "Send the Human Resource staff down to Nutwood," says Pudding Bear, "and I'll crack their skulls with the vaccuum cleaner too!"
    CRAFTY CAT CORNER "Little Black Sambo!" says Pudding and he gets on the phone to the police station. Sergeant Fox, the officer responsible for handling racist incidents, says, "So how do you spell Crafty Cat Corner?" Pudding tells him and Sergeant Fox cycles round to Briony's house to make the arrest. She is led away past a baying mob.

  5. It's always a good thing for us to see how far we've come. Especially when we still have so far to go.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Shirley did the paintings very carefully. I can tell. Because if she had just washed over the whole thing with water, the colours would have run.

    Signed: A pedantic artist.

  8. KATHERINE I suspect mummy or daddy may have intervened back in 64.
    Signed: A doubting Thomas.

  9. yeah and another thing..... we all know what bears do in woods.... i bet Nutwood is a disgrace by now!!


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