2 April 2012


The British government intend to monitor everything that happens over the internet. Consequently, I have this message for the boffins at GCHQ, Cheltenham. It contains a highly sensitive subliminal message which will be useful to fanatics everywhere so it is vital that you unravel it. The Western World is depending on you! :- 

Natooraltissimississippimentay! Linkwa, pink dama, arf armoneea. Moozheek. Rintintintinnabulation! Epp Unamunda arf da melodeea looniversahl! Porky alla da peepholes enda voooold – alla de peepholes enda looniverse cargo a shlong enda hartz.

Now work that one out chaps! Chocks away!

It is an enormous relief to think that soon a handful of bloggers - myself included - will be beginning a new society remote from all such nonsense - like a modern day Swiss Family Robinson - "far, far away from the mad rushing crowd."


  1. will we have internet at the resort?

  2. EARL GRAY "Resort"!!!!! Would you call Wales a "resort"? Blogland's a sovereign country, not a resort sir... and yes we will of course have high speed internet access at all times. Usage will NOT be monitored by "government" unless of course we the Bloggish people decide otherwise - government of the people, for the people and by the people!

  3. don't believe it hasn't been going on already.... DO believe it will just be more commonplace!!

  4. Sadly, I think Arctic Fox is right.

  5. Back in the fifties, my Dad was a member of the local Flying Saucer Club (yep) and there was a little old lady who used to write from Auckland. Dad once told me her letters had been opened. Someone somewhere thought the club was something communist, was his belief.

  6. ARCTIC ROLL So that's why they put you in Armley?
    JENNY I have heard there was a lot of monitoring when you were a teacher! Milk monitors, bell monitors, register monitors, monitor lizards...
    KATHERINE It's common knowledge that while Australia got the thieves and vagabonds (sorry Helen!) NZ got the commies and political ne'er-do-wells.

  7. Your message has been duly intercepted, as have the names of your confederates.

    HMG hereby gives notice that you are to cease and desist forthwith all counter-reactionary activities.

    Spooking Parrots

  8. Quite right, YP. I've just had a thought. Will there be a welsh teacher in Blogland? This year's course doesn't finish till end of June and I have another five years to go.

  9. SPOOKING PARROTS Ooo! I'm scared!
    JENNY You can continue your Welsh course over the net but being so far from Wales you may find your motivation evaporating. Burmese lessons will be held every Thursday afternoon by the pool - to assist relations with our servant team.

  10. Burmese huh? Well, it's worth a try, I suppose. :)


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