5 April 2012


Up in Yorkshire we love our puddings but we do eat other things too. Here's a recipe I have devised for mince (ground beef). I'm passing it on to you free of charge. Why not give it a go?

Take 500 grammes of lean steak mince. Place in a large bowl and break up with your fingers. Wash hands. Take a medium-sized onion and chop finely. Then fry in olive oil  with a dollop of butter till soft and golden. Season the mince with salt and pepper. Add a little sprinkling of mixed herbs or "Herbes de Provence" - not too much. Then break one and a half beef  "Oxo" cubes into the bowl. Next break an egg into the bowl. Pour in the fried onions and mix it all together with a wooden spoon.

Then put a handful of plain flour in a dish and spread some greaseproof or baking paper over a chopping board. Dust your hands with plain flour and dive into the mixing bowl. Bring out a small handful of the mince mixture and squeeze and shape into a patty. Put the patty on the paper and make four or five more just the same. Let them rest on the paper. These mince rissoles can be fried, grilled or baked in the oven but I prefer to fry them in the same pan that was used for the onions. Add a little more oil and butter and then fry on a medium heat, turning over two or three times till fully cooked.

Eat with whichever accompaniments you prefer - rice or fried potato chips and maybe some buttered green beans or salad. Mmmm...lovely.


  1. Ground beef is really called mince and not hamburger? What a strange foreign country you live in. Those burgers sound excellent, though, and I'm going to try them as soon as I get this recipe translated.

  2. Here in Brissy we like ours with mashed potatoes, pumpkin and peas.

  3. Sounds delicious, I'll give it a go.

    But 'Place in a large bowl and break up with your fingers. Wash hands'? Shouldn't that be the other way round?

  4. I've never fried the onions before adding them to rissoles/hamburgers. I must give that a try.
    Shooting Parrots is a braver person than Ms Soup - commenting on the order of hand washing.....

    Ms Soup

  5. Rissoles to you too!

    I have not eaten meat since I were a whipper snapper - not sure it would work very well with quorn mince and with vegetable oxo either! I bet they'd be grand if you stuffed a lump of stilton into the middle of each one before frying!

  6. Sounds very tasty... I always have trouble with me rissoles falling apart. So these ones don't? Even without breadcrumbs or sausagemeat added?

  7. JAN BLAWAT Yeah, it's in English. Get it translated into Californian.
    HELEN Mmm. They sound like nice accompaniments. The recipe also works wekk with fresh duck billed platypus mince.
    SHOOTING PARROTS You got me. Of course one's hands should be scrubbed clean and sanitised before beginning any cooking operation.
    ALPHABET SCOOP Yes I think frying the onions first was a masterstroke even though I say it myself. Wonder if I could be a TV chef like Gordon Ramsey...
    ARCTIC VEGGIE Maybe just forget the rissoles and have some brussel sprouts with radishes instead.
    KATHERINE I think the egg is responsible for binding it together plus a nice squeeze to compact the patty as much as possible. Mine never fall apart but then I am cordon bleu trained.


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