7 April 2012


Departure Day grows ever closer. Born in 1927, Harry Belafonte captures something of the mood of anticipation currently running through the blogging community:-
Today I visited "Matalan" where I picked up some lilac "Speedos" and a couple of pairs of  leftover "Sports Relief" shorts - a bargain at only £2.50 a pair. There were piles of them.

A Hollywood film production company has contacted me and plans for "Blogland - The Movie" are now well under way. Thanks to Earl Gray for hatching this idea. A film crew will join us in Blogland some time in mid-June but most of the steamy love scenes will be filmed in Hawaii. I think the film crew are just coming to capture scenic shots that can then be edited in to the final product. Leslie Nielsen was going to be signed up to play Mr Brague but sadly we discovered that Leslie passed away in 2010 so the producers have managed to tempt Robert Redford out of retirement instead.

How film profits will be used in the end depends upon the assembled Bloggish people. I think one or two emigrants imagine that I will be some kind of leader but please understand that I have only ever wanted to be a facilitator. I would like to think that Blogland won't actually need a leader in the usual sense of the word. Besides, I'll be too busy playing beach volleyball, wrestling on the sand, drinking Tetley's bitter in the social club or kayaking beyond the reef to have any time left over to be a leader. Don't you think leaders are massively overrated anyway?


  1. In the US, our leaders are very overrated....and getting worse by the minute! You people should be glad you got rid of us some 250+ years ago. It was my understanding that we would be governed by a council made up of....well, everybody in Blogland. I think that people who don't want to abide by the majority rule after discussion could be asked to leave the island. But there will be very few council meetings. The sand and surf and drinks and sport and comfort and drinks and gentle collaboration among neighbors and drink should keep any need of organization to a minimum, don't you think?

    By the way, I really do not want any sexy love scenes with Robert...he is way too short!

  2. YP, aren't you being a little parochial? Whenever you mention Tetley's, I always think of that Monty Python skit that goes on and on about Brits being in Spain and wanting their Watney's Red Barrel and singing 'Torremolinos'
    What about trying some of the local drinks?
    I say this nervously because I am, I assure you, extremely grateful for all you've done in readying Blogland for us.

  3. MOUNTAIN THYME You're right - we are not entering a dictatorship. "One for all and all for one" shall be our creed.
    KATHERINE What local drinks? Water and coconut milk? No give me Tetley's any time. But don't worry - there will be G&T's, chardonnay and Pimm's for the fillies!

  4. I hope there will be some good red wine too. I don't mind treading the grapes now and then if necessary. ;)

  5. I just know that it will be like animal farm once you get settled in, all jostling for leadership.

  6. Leaders and a deputy? no thanks.....gentle collaboration and a g+t or two should suffice. Are sexy love scenes obligatory?

  7. I'm not touching Tetley's bitter now they've knocked the brewery down in Leeds! Philistines! I'll endeavour to establish the island's first microbrewery.

  8. JENNY We have a contract with a winery in Marlborough, New Zealand to supply all of our wines - not just reds.
    CRAFTY CAT CORNER Unlike the characters in "Animal Farm", we are intelligent human beings. Briony - though you are not in the first wave of emigrants, you may wish to join us later.
    LIBBY Regarding sexy love scenes, we'll all have body doubles for that.
    ARCTIC FOX Point taken about Tetley's. I wonder what you'll call your new beer. Fox Piddle?

  9. Do I think that leaders are massively overrated? It's hard to say as it's been a long time since I've seen one.

  10. If anyone is looking for a reason to stay away from Blogland, lilac speedos should do it.

  11. stamps feet!!!!!!!!!!
    (PLAYING THE MADONNA!!!!!!!!!)
    I want full artistic licence on my character's role and script!!!!!!!!!
    I will VETO any unflattering shots and insist that my character is filmed always from the left!

  12. What's wrong with your right John? (Intrigued).

  13. I'm a bit afraid Blogland will turn a little "Lord of the Flies"-ish with all this talk of leaders and governing councils.
    I'm madly dieting so that my new bikini fits ( It's one of Elle Macpherson's )!!


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